Heavy / Rock / Metal

Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
115 ANTISEEN One Live Sonofabitch LP 80
986 ANTISEEN / NUNSLAUGHTER Split 7"-split ANTISEEN – Fueling American punkrock, filthy and angry with a kick in the groin! NUNSLAUGHTER – 2 new tracks by these veterans of the sickest oldschool satanic death metal. 40
931 DEATH SS Humanomalies CD Limited edition enhanced CD in a slim jewelcase in a slipcase. 100 10€
830 DRAGONFORCE Ultra Beatdown CD & DVD 80
822 EVERGREY Torn CD digipack 80
1119 HELLWELL Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin CD Epic and progressive Heavy Metal by Mark Shelton(Manilla Road). 100 10€
835 ICED EARTH The Crucible Of Man CD 80
1127 MANILLA ROAD Invasion CD 100 10€
1120 MANILLA ROAD Crystal Logic CD 100 10€
20 MEMORY GARDEN Marion 7 Swedish Power/Doom Metal, Memory Garden is definitely one of the big ones in the genre, being around since ΄93, a strong album released by Heathendoom records then picked up by Metal Blade for 2 albums. They had a short period of inactivity and then released this 7" through Heathendoom Records. This material is back to the roots and some of the best from the band. This material immediatley got them signed on VIC Records. For fans of Memento Mori, Candlemass etc. 40
1105 OCTOBER 31 Meet Thy Maker CD The second album by these americans. Power/Heavy Metal. 80
1104 OCTOBER 31 The Fire Awaits You CD Heavy Metal featuring Deceased memb. The band΄s 1st album, originally released in 1997. 80
560 OCTOBER 31 No Survivors CD Heavy Metal. The 3rd album. 50
982 WITCH CROSS Axe To Grind CD Classic Heavy Metal band from Denmark. Their first album for almost 30 years since their debut album in 1984. This follow up continues as nothing has happened since the 80s. Total NWOBHM feeling like the early days of Mercyful Fate, Saxon, Iron Maiden etc. 100 10€
981 WITCH CROSS Fit For Fight CD Re-release by Hells Headbangers Records of the debut album, originally released in 1984 by this classic Danish NWOBHM act. Recorded at the same studio and somewhat similar production as Mercyful Fates Melissa and Don’t Break the Oath. 100 10€