Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
1315 ACID WITCH Stoned CD Dirty Doom Metal with eerie keyboard elements. 100 10€
1128 ACID WITCH Witchtanic Hellucination CD The debut by these filthy stoner doomsters. Heavy and twisted musical sickness, a trip straight to death. Vocals handled by Lasse Pyykkö of Hooded Menace and Phlegethon. 100 10€
1322 ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE Darkness Sustains The Silence CD Doom/Death Metal with a lot of diversity, growling vocals mixed with sludge vocals. 100 10€
994 ANGUISH Through The Archdemons Head CD Brutal Doom Metal from Sweden. Heavy riffing, deadly atmosphere with some epic guitarsolos and suffering and agonizing vocals. 100 10€
992 ANHEDONIST Netherwards CD Doom/Death Metal from the States. Very dark, heavy and a great debut by this band. Some resemblance to the great band Disembowelment. 100 10€
67 BLACK MANTA Fuck The All But Six mcd American Doom Metal reminding of Pentagram, maybe not so strange as the drummer used to play in Pentagram aswell as Raven. 40 4€
901 BÄDR VOGU Exitium CD Really heavy Stoner/Doom Metal. Crushing death metal inputs, groovy, hints of crust and some faster parts aswell. For fans of Iron Monkey etc. 100 10€
1132 COVEN 13 Destiny Of The Gods CD 100 10€
1131 COVEN 13 Worship New Gods CD 100 10€
1133 DAWN OF WINTER The Peaceful Dead CD 100 10€
1134 FUNERAL CIRCLE Funeral Circle CD 30 3€
824 HOODED MENACE Fulfill The Curse CD Really heavy Death/Doom Metal from Finland. Definitely for fans of Winter, Ramesess etc. 80 8€
1056 HYPONIC The Noise Of Time CD Funeral Doom Metal. The bands 2nd album, extremely heavy, haunting and chilling darkness. 100 10€
1135 MYSTIC CHARM Shadows Of The Unknown CD 80 8€
75 NIGHTLY GALE …And Jesus Wept CD Pompuous and melodramatic Doom Metal. Really heavy songs with some ghostly keyboard parts included. The vocals are the traditional clean doomy vocals mixed with brutal black metal vocals. Recommended for people that likes My Dying Bride and such. 80 8€
995 OCEANWAKE Kingdom CD Progressive Death/Doom Metal from Finland. Some very melodic parts mixed with brutal inputs and growling vocals. 80 8€
906 OFFICIUM TRISTE / OPHIS Immersed CD-split OFFICIUM TRISTE Erie dark Doom/Death Metal from the Netherlands, very similar to My Dying Bride, lots of anxiety and angst. OPHIS Rather heavy and very dark Doom/Death Metal. Its slow, souldevouring…no hope for life. 80 8€
1136 OPHIS Effigies Of Desolation 2-CD digipack Doom/Death Metal. Compilation of the bands 2 first albums added with some bonustracks. 140 14€
908 OPHIS / OFFICIUM TRISTE Immersed CD-split OPHIS Rather heavy and very dark Doom/Death Metal. Its slow, souldevouring…no hope for life. OFFICIUM TRISTE Erie dark Doom/Death Metal from the Netherlands, very similar to My Dying Bride, lots of anxiety and angst. 80 8€
978 RIGOR SARDONICOUS Ego Diligio Vos CD Slow abyssic Funeral/Doom Metal with twisted slow growling vocals. This is the soundtrack to your decomposing process when you´re dead. The bands 6th fullength album. 80 8€
897 SHADOW OF THE TORTURER Marching Into Chaos CD Very dark Doom Metal with death metal influences and some really gruesome abyssic and raw vocals. This is a soundtrack to asphyxiating darkness. This is a re-recording of their first album with 2 new songs, one of them being a Black Sabbath cover. Limited release of 500 copies. 100 10€
1270 SHADOW OF THE TORTURER Dronestown CD 100 10€
1047 SOLOTHUS Summoned From The Void CD Dark Doom/Death Metal from Finland. Dark and brutal vocals accompanied by very heavy spinewrenching riffing and skullcrushing drums. For fans of Hooded Menace, Winter and similar. 100 10€
80 STARCHILD Born Into Eternity CD Rock/Doom Metal in immediate descending steps of Black Sabbath with incorporated new ideas of todays Doom. Starchild is an american band and Born Into Eternity is their second album. 50 5€
894 SYMPTOM Opulent Atrocity CD Very heavy, dark and brutal Doom/Death Metal from the States. Previously released 2 eps, this is their first fullength, released in 2013. 100 10€
1137 THE HAND OF DOOM Poisonoise 2-CD 100 10€
82 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SKY Rorschach CD Heavy and moody Sludge/Doom Metal. This is total darkness and suicidal misery. Not alot of vocals but when there is they are rather brutal or harsh. Recommended if you like The Autumn Project. 20 2€
1321 UNCOFFINED Ceremonies Of Morbidity CD 2nd album. Death/Doom from the UK. 100 10€
1320 UNCOFFINED Ritual Death And Funeral Rites CD Wretched and shivering Doom Metal with growling vocals. 100 10€