Thrash / Speed

Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
1106 ANDRALLS Andralls CD Fast Thrash Metal. 80 8€
1070 ARSENIC Seeds Of Darkness CD 80s Death/Thrash Metal from the States. Arsenic released only demos between ´85 ´til ´89 before disbanded. This CD compiles the bands 1985 8-track demo “Beneath The Grave”, 1988 demo “Souls Lie Screaming” and 1989 demo “Hallucinations”. The soundquality is a bit rough at times. Overall the CD shows a great gem of the early US Thrash/Death Metal scene. 80 8€
144 BARBATOS War! Speed And Power CD 80 8€
168 BLACK TORMENT Satanic Holocaust CD Intense and violent Thrash/Black metal. The 2nd album from these Mexicans. Definitely recommended if you like a mix of Dead Head and Obeisance. 80 8€
178 BLOODTHIRST Let Him Die CD 80 8€
184 BURIED GOD Dark Revelation CD 50 5€
191 CELESTIAL PAIN A666ression LP gatefold Swedish dark and relentless Thrash Metal. The band was formed by members of Unanimated, Unpure etc. They recorded 2 demos in ´94 and ´95. This vinyl compiles these 2 classic demos. 120 12€
197 CHAINSAW KILLER / EVIL DAMN / TOXIC HOLOCAUST Blasphemy, Mayhem & War CD-split 80 8€
1003 CRUCIFIED MORTALS s/t CD Oldschool Thrash Metal, fast raw and just the way good thrash should be. 100 10€
1013 DEATHHAMMER Onward To The Pits CD Extreme and violent Thrash Metal similar to early Kreator, Attomica, early Sodom and the most extreme thrash bands of the 80s. The riffing is intense and oldschool, the drumming violent and fast and the vocals raw with some high pitched hateful screams. The bands 2nd album of hellraising thrashmayhem. 100 10€
1110 DECEPTOR Chains Of Delusion mcd UK Thrash Metal. 60 6€
249 DELIRIUM TREMENS Thrashing Warthogs LP gatefold German oldschool Thrash Metal. 100 10€
248 DELIRIUM TREMENS Thrashing Warthogs CD German oldschool Thrash Metal. 80 8€
1052 DISMANTLE Enter The Forbidden CD Oldschool Thrash Metal from the States. Dismantle is the perfect reincarnation of the 80s Bay Area thrash metal scene. Clean and distorted aggression, crunchy mid-tempo grooves and the obligatory mosh inspiring speed such of bands like early Megadeth, Defiance, Heathen, early Metallica, Exodus etc. 100 10€
984 EVIL ARMY I, Commander 7" Violent and catchy oldschool Thrash Metal in the same vein as the ´80s Speed/Thrash bands that used to reign the world. 3 tracks of warspeeding shredding guitars, artillerypounding drums, thrashing vocals and nice guitarsolos. 40 4€
1051 EXPLOSICUM Conflict CD Oldschool Thrash Metal from China. Chinese thrash in the same vein as the early Bay Area thrash bands and with similarities to early Destruction, Deathrow and Vendetta. These Chinese guys fully master the art of thrash,they got the intensity, moshing parts and aggression. The vocalstyle is similar to early Destruction, Mekong Delta and those bands but the new thing is that the vocals are sung in Chinese!!!! Weird but also very cool! Definitely a great fullength debut by Explosicum that´ll probably mark the way for new Chinese thrash bands. 80 8€
957 FLESH MADE SIN Dawn Of The Stillborn CD Brutal Thrash Metal from the Netherlands. The bands first album, intense drumming and violent riffing thrash mayhem. If you like Hypnosia, Demolition Hammer then you better check out this band. 80 8€
1112 FUCK OFF A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988 CD CD that includes the songs from the 1st album "Another Sacrifice" ('88) plus their previous 7"EP "Fuck Off" ('87), all recorded back then, but in different takes and with better sound and production. 80 8€
1111 FUCK OFF Smile As You Kill CD Oldschool Thrash Metal. Latest album by these Spanish thrash veterans. 80 8€
831 HOLY MOSES Agony Of Death CD 80 8€
927 IMPALER Old School Ghouls CD The bands 6th fullenght album. Classic Horror Speed/Punk Metal. 80 8€
926 IMPALER One Nation Under Ground CD Punk/Speed Metal with blood and horror. The bands 5th album containing 15 songs, one of them being a cover of Alice Coopers Teenage Frankenstein. 80 8€
925 IMPALER The Gruesome Years CD This is a re-release of the bands first 4 song MLP and 10 song LP originally released in 1984 and 1985, also features 4 bonus demotracks from ´87. Classic punkish Speed Metal of the 80s. 80 8€
421 INFERNÖ Metal Commando Attack CD Norwegian filthy Thrash Metal. This is a compilation featuring material previously released as different 7" ep.s and compilation songs. 50 5€
1055 INSANIAC Terminal Madness 2-CD A 2-CD compilation of the bands entire history from 1985 til 1990. Insaniac released several demos during the 80s. All demos have excellent soundquality, the early material is almost heavy metal like but they become heavier and thrashier for every demo. Insaniac should´nt be unknown to any serious thrash fan. This release feature the following material: Screams From The Asylum (Demo 1985), Psychomania (Demo 1987), Plead Insanity (Cassette Single 1988), Media Lies (Demo 1990), Demo 1990 and assorted rare & unreleased tracks. 120 12€
1299 LEPROSY Death To This World CD & DVD digipack Swedish Death/Thrash Metal from the late ´80s and early ´90s. A compilation featuring all material the band ever recorded ("Death To This World" - Demo '88, "Full Of Hate" - Demo '90 and "Live In Basement" - Reh. Demo '90), a total of 17 tracks as well as a bonus DVD featuring 2 gigs from 1988 and 1989 in Bamberg and Ludwigsburg, Germany. Includes a 24 pages booklet with old photos, info and liner-notes. 140 14€
457 LETHAL Annihilation Agenda CD One of the "new" promising oldschool Thrash Metal bands from Sweden. They carry on in the same vein as old Deathrow, Destruction, Accüser etc. The vocals sometimes reminds of Jeff becerra of Possessed. 40 4€
968 MALAS Conquest CD Brutal Thrash Metal from Chicago. Relentless and devastating thrash mayhem. 80 8€
1178 MAZE OF TORMENT Hidden Cruelty CD 80 8€
1176 MAZE OF TORMENT Hammers Of Mayhem CD 80 8€
868 METAL MESSIAH Honour Among Thieves CD Re-release of this classic Thrash Metal album, originally released in 1990. This band was formed after the members of the D-beat punk band Varukers decided to start playing thrash metal instead. This release also include their 1989 demo "Mad Man". 80 8€
980 MIDNIGHT Satanic Royalty CD & DVD Satanic and black Speed Metal. After numerous ep.s and split ep.s they finally arrive with the first fullenght album, 10 tracks of witching metal. Comes with a bonus live DVD. 100 10€
837 MUNICIPAL WASTE Massive Aggressive CD 80 8€
531 NASTY SAVAGE Penetration Point CD 50 5€
532 NASTY SAVAGE Wage Of Mayhem mcd 40 4€
1059 NATAS Deathcore 1985-1993 2-CD Early Thrash/Death Metal and Hardcore. Natas started in the early 80s and released some demos in the style of early brutal thrash/death metal. The band later changed name to NotUs and evolved their style into thrash/hardcore. This double CD-release feature all the bands material from the early demos, their fullenght LP, originally released by Wild Rags and material that was originally released on a split record with Bloodcum, Infamous Sinphony and Outcasts. 120 12€
46 OBSCENE GESTURE Living In Profanity CD American Hardcore/Crossover in the old classic style. Sounds like a mix of S.O.D. and Slayer´s Undisputed Attitude album. This is violent mosh and intense speeding hardcorethrash. Featuring people from Agent Steel and Steel Prophet. 50 5€
1113 OMISSION Thrash Metal Is Violence CD Violent Thrash Metal. Re-release of the 1st album, originally released in 2009, with 2 live bonustracks. 100 10€
1337 OVERKILL ReliXIV CD The 14th album by these NY thrash legends. 50 5€
972 PROPAGATOR s/t 7" Blackened Thrash Metal from Canada. Evil intensity and brutal vocals. One man band by Morbid of bands such as Evil Wrath, Nekros Pervertor etc. 40 4€
1319 REDIMONI Standing Before The End Of Time CD Warlike Thrash Metal. 80 8€
1360 RENEGADE Total Armagedon + Demo 1985 LP Early Heavy/Thrash Metal from Australia. Re-release of their one and only fullength including their 1985 demo. 120 12€
642 SODOM Sodom 2-LP gatefold 160 16€
643 SODOM tribute to In The Sign Of Sodom LP 100 10€
1050 SQUAD Gallinazeous Death CD Crossover/Thrash Metal from Chile. Re-release of the bands debut album, originally released in 1989, with 8 live bonus tracks recorded in ´89, the booklet contains linernotes, photos and general info. The album was recorded with a minimum amount of funding and primitive studio conditions. This made the album sound very “real” and basic complimenting to the bands sound. Gallinazeous Death was originally only released on tape as many other albums in south America at that time. The bands style is rough and straight in the face thrash with punkish attitudes. The vocals are harsh and ferocious and sometimes accompanied by angry backingchoirs. Squad is considered a cult band in South America. Definitely recommendable if you like early crossover/thrash like Attitude, Cryptic Slaughter, early Rostok Vampires etc. 80 8€
1024 TIGER JUNKIES D-Beat Street Rock n Rollers CD Filthy Punk/Thrash/Crossover. A band that was formed by Yasuyuki of the Japanese bands Abigail and Barbatos and Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust. Tiger Junkies is a weird mix of punk with some elements of thrash and filthy vocals about sex, alcohol, whores and metal. Some songtitles goes as Stupid Posers Deserves To Die, We Are Motherfuckers, Metal Punk, Tiger Bitch etc. 16 tracks of raw punk/thrash including a cover of The Exploited´s “ Porno Slut”. 80 8€
688 TOXIC HOLOCAUST / CHAINSAW KILLER / EVIL DAMN Blasphemy , Mayhem & War CD-split 80 8€
707 V/A Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol.2 7 4-way split by thrash bands Bloodthirst, Witchtrap, Death Thrashers Kuopio and Hangman. 40 4€
708 V/A Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol.3 7 Featuring Violent Attack, Disaster, Crimson Steel and Crucifier. 40 4€
710 V/A Outbreak Of Evil Vol.4 7 4-Way split featuring violent Thrash acts Possessor, Blüdwülf, Strike Master and Metal Skull. 40 4€
709 V/A Outbreak Of Evil Vol.3 7 Featuring Evil Angel, Gravewürm, Grippiud and Nailgunner. 40 4€
1114 WITCHES HAMMER Dead Forever 2-CD Canadian oldschool Speed/Thrash Metal. This compilation feature all material the band ever recorded between 1986-1989, including previously unreleased LP ´88, Mini LP ´87, 2 demos, 2 rehearsals and lots of livetracks recorded in 1989. 120 12€
734 WITCHTRAP No Anesthesia CD Total oldschool violent Thrash Metal, lots of hate, attitude and anger. Intense thrash done in the same way as the old brutal thrash bands sounded in the 80s, like early Kreator and Sodom, lots of dirty filthy fucking thrash!. 80 8€
733 WITCHTRAP The First Necromancy CD This CD features the bands two first demos originally released in ´97 & ´98, also included is a bonus tracks, a total of 22 tracks of filthy and raw Thrash Metal. 80 8€
1014 WITCHTRAP Vengeance Is My Name CD Satanic oldschool Speed/Thrash Metal. The bands 3rd album. For fans of S.D.I., early Destruction, early Kreator, Blessed Death etc. 100 10€
1266 ZOLDIER NOIZ Regression Process CD Brutal Thrash Metal with hints of early Voivod. 80 8€