Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
90 ABIGAIL / BARBATOS / ABIGAILBARBATOS Street Metal Alcoholocaust CD-split Two of Japans dirtiest and alcoholic bands share this CD. Abigail deliver some own brutal thrash material aswell as violent covers of Massacre and Von. Barbatos deliver 3 punk/thrashing oldschool hymns. The rest of the CD contains 8 songs from both bands 10 1€
91 ABIGAIL / BARBATOS / CUTTHROAT Satan´s Revenge Live!!! CD-split Great split of 3 similar bands of oldschool violent thrash. The live soundquality is great for all three bands. 10 1€
98 AESTHENIA / SOMRAK Invocations Unto Belial 7 AESTHENIA - Raw and oldschool Black Metal from the States. SOMRAK – Raw and fast Black Metal from Slovenia. 10 1€
105 AMNION Burn The Forest 7 Raw and atmospheric Black Metal. (The record is all new but cover is slightly damaged after pricetag.) 10 1€
111 ANDROPHAGOUS / TOXIC REVOLUTION Exterminate / Noise Destruction Program CD-split ANDROPHAGOUS deliver 13 tracks of violent D-Beat/Death/Grind Metal. It´s total annihilation from the beginning to the end. TOXIC REVOLUTION is more punk than the previous band. The songs got some heavy slow parts that quickly changes into violent grinding moshing mayhem. 18 tracks of destruction. 10 1€
112 ANGMAR The Razorblade Redemption CD Primitive, raw and "disgusting" finnish oldschool Black Metal. Some doomy parts like Beherit(Drawing down the moon era) mixed with faster stuff, definitely in the vein of early Black Crucifixion. This is a compilation featuring the bands 2 first releases. Tracks 4-7 taken from "Planet Satan" promo CD 2002. Tracks 8-9 taken from "Valonsurma" demo 1997. 10 1€
114 ANOXIA Intense Killings CD American guttural Death Metal, really brutal stuff. This is their debut and only album they released before they lost their drummer and as they could´nt find a proper replacement the band split up in 2006. 10 1€
872 ARATHYR Curse Man´s Blame CD booklet cover Death/Black Metal, modern and wellplayed with atmospheric inputs, yet brutal and fast. Original and different arrangements and lots of vocal variations. The CD was released and comes in a booklet/cover of 13x13 cm. All copies handnumbered. 10 1€
123 ARGAR Grim March To Black Eternity CD Fast and epic Black Metal very much in the same style as early Emperor and their In The Nightside Eclipse era. Argar released two albums thereafter they have continued under the name Spectre. 10 1€
125 ARS MANIFESTIA The Enchanting Dark´s Arrival CD Italian Black Metal in the vein of early scandinavian black metal. Fast and intense song with lots of tempochanges into slower misanthropic parts. This is a oneman band with 2 fullength album released, this is the first one released in 2007. 10 1€
142 AZRAEL Into Shadows Act II: Through Homed Shadows Glimpse CD American oldschool Black Metal, misanthropic riffing and a miserable feeling. The band has wasted no time on any sort of info or songtitles on the cover but the album contains of 7 songs of dark classic black metal with a total running time of over 70 min 10 1€
143 BARASTIR / YERSINIA Devoured By Chaos In Eternal Torment 7 BARASTIR - German traditional abyssic and oldschool Black Metal. 2 tracks. YERSINIA – A fast and violent 6 minute track by this band. A very hateful track with slower parts filled with hopeless angst. 10 1€
145 BARBATOS / ABIGAIL / ABIGAILBARBATOS Street Metal Alcoholocaust CD-split Two of Japans dirtiest and alcoholic bands share this CD. Abigail deliver some own brutal thrash material aswell as violent covers of Massacre and Von. Barbatos deliver 3 punk/thrashing oldschool hymns. The rest of the CD contains 8 songs from both bands 10 1€
146 BARBATOS / CUTTHROAT / ABIGAIL Satan´s Revenge Live!!! CD-split Great split of 3 similar bands of oldschool violent thrash. The live soundquality is great for all three bands. 10 1€
147 BARTHOLOMEUS NIGHT Theosophia Pneumatica CD Just like Melecesh this is a satanic Black Metal band from Israel. This is all about fast black metal, heavy and atmospheric riffs with a mighty sound. 10 1€
158 BIOLICH The Space Between Home And Today mcd Technical Death Metal. 10 1€
160 BITTERNESS Autumn´s Fall CD Melodic Thrash/Death Metal. 10 1€
55 BLAKAGIR Nostalgia & Droga Przed Egzekucja CD Majestic ambient/pagan music with lots of medieval atmosphere, by the man that also is behind the band Hellveto. 10 1€
171 BLODULV s/t CD Primitve Swedish Black metal. Re-release of the debutalbum originally released in 2003, now with 2 bonustracks taken from their "Pagan Panzer" 7". 10 1€
172 BLOOD OBSESSION Death Surrounds CD American Death Metal. The bands first album. 10 1€
173 BLOOD OF CHRIST …A Dream To Remember CD Canadian Death/Black Metal, lots of variation with parts of heavy death metal and some more melodic sickening moody stuff aswell as some sudden parts of brutal black metal and hysterical riffs and beats that reminds a bit of Cryptopsy. Originally released by Pulverizer Records, this is the remastered CDN Records version with bonus tracks. 10 1€
177 BLOODROSE Into Oblivion CD Black Metal from Finland. Wellplayed, strong musicianship, powerful production, keyboard melodies used in a correct way yet brutal songs. The band used to go under the name Hatework before they changed to Bloodrose(a rather strange and unfitting name.) 10 1€
181 BORN OF FIRE Chosen By The Gods 7 Filthy Thrash Metal by members of Unanimated, ex. Merciless, ex. Dismember, ex. Unleashed etc. 10 1€
199 CHARNEL VALLEY The Dark Archives mcd Primitive Black Metal recorded with simple analog equipment to get the right feel to it. This is for people that appreciate early Samael, Burzum aswell as obscure early demo bands such as Keks. Oldschool Black Metal in the classic manner. 10 1€
4 CONJURATION / FULL MOON LYCANTHROPY Split 7 CONJURATION - Blackened Heavy Metal from Finland. Catchy midtempo metal with gruesome vocals. FULL MOON LYCANTHROPY – Blasphemic Black Metal cruelty from these Danish maniacs. 10 1€
213 CROSS BOW Priestkiller 7 Thrashing Heavy Metal with raw vocals. Simple and straight, nothing overproduced at all. 10 1€
219 CUTTHROAT / ABIGAIL / BARBATOS Satan´s Revenge Live!!! CD-split 10 1€
68 DARKLANDS A Memory Of You cds Heavy and melancholic dark metal, swedens answer to Type O Negative. 10 1€
231 DEAD EMOTIONS Gates To The Unseen CD Heavy melodic Dark/Death Metal in the vein of My Dying Bride, Anathema but mostly Paradise Lost around their Gothic, Shades Of God era. 10 1€
242 DECEIVER s/t mcd 10 1€
243 DECEIVER Riding With The Reaper CD Dirty Heavy Metal with experienced people also featured in bands such as Maze Of Torment, General Surgery, Flesh, Serpent Obscene and more. The vocals reminds of Cronos(Venom) and is backed up by hard and brutal heavy metal that easily kick the shit out of other newer bands in the genre. 10 1€
244 DECEIVER Holov Posen Tro May Tror CD 10 1€
252 DEMIGOD Let Chaos Prevail CD Melodic and a bit progressive Death Metal by this classic finnish death metal band. This is their 3rd album. 10 1€
930 DENATA Deathtrain CD Intense Death/Thrash Metal from Sweden. Lots of anger with a new touch of thrashing. 10 1€
269 DEVIL LEE ROT The Devil Has Landed CD A rough 13 track liverecording from Linköping, Sweden in 2005. Plus 2 studio tracks. 10 1€
768 DEVILS WHOREHOUSE Revelation Unorthodox CD Dark metal, heavily influenced by Misfits and Danzig. Feat. Marduk memb. The band is now known as Death Wolf. 10 1€
757 DIMENSION ZERO Silent Night Fever CD Swedish melodic Death/Thrash Metal by former members of Marduk, In Flames etc. 10 1€
277 DISHED Reason Of Suffering CD Brutal Death Metal from Poland. Dished is an old faithful band thats been around since 1989. This is all about brutal death metal with touches of scandinavian oldschool death metal, slower parts, darker riffs and epic guitarrsolos wich isn´t very common i 10 1€
282 DIVINA INFERIS Aura Damnation CD Finnish Black Metal the classic style. The sound is cold and raw, long dark songs. Recommended for people that appreciate Gorgoroth, Horna, old Graveland etc. This is their debutfullenght. 10 1€
40 DROWNING NATION Mouthful Of Shit 7 Violent Hardcore/Punk. 10 1€
289 EARTH Star Condemn´d CD Australian Death Metal played in the style of old Swedish bands like Edge Of Sanity, and Dismember etc. These guys worship swe. death metal and they practice it well. 10 1€
292 EMANCER Invisible CD Norwegian Black Metal with some new futuristic elements. Members from Kampfar, Green Carnation etc. This is their 3rd album. 10 1€
293 EMANCER The Menace Within CD Norwegian Black Metal with a cold and futuristic sound and feel to it. Soundwise like a mix of Keep Of Kalessin and Cobolt 60 that continues on the path of neo-misanthropic black metal that bands like Satyricon, Khold and Thorns created in recent years. 10 1€
295 EMBRACING Dreams Left Behind CD Swedish melodic Death/Black Metal with lots of harmonies and epic guitarrsolos mixed with more brutal parts. The vocals range from clean vocals , deathgrowl and black metal vocals. Typical swedish metal from the mid ´90s like Edge Of Sanity, early In Flam 10 1€
302 ENCHANTED the For Those Who Fall mcd Brittish Thrash/Death Metal with oldschool feeling and some melodic parts reminding of Deceased. This is a band by former drummer of My Dying Bride. 10 1€
305 END 666 the The Ultra Violence CD This is a band by Infernal/Qojan from the old Black/Thrash band Imperial. Here he deliver some real brutal distorted and relentless Black Metal. A brutal and simpel soundscape that reminds of industrial black metal at times but all built up by fast thrash 10 1€
304 END 666 the Terror Inside CD The second album of extreme Black Metal, fast, simple and raw as hell. The vocals reminds a bit of early Anaal Nathrakh. 10 1€
306 ENDWARFMENT World Downsfall 7 Brutal and filthy Grindcore from Norway. A band that feat. Members from Aura Noir, Dödheimsgard etc. 10 1€
326 EX CALIGA First Visions CD Finnish Black Metal, wellplayed but still raw and brutal and at times really fast. This is their first album that was released in 2002. 10 1€
327 EXCESSUM Death Redemption CD Swedish Black Metal. Their one and only album, released in 2005. Feat. ex. Marduk memb. 10 1€
329 EXEKRATOR Ordo Bestiae CD Black Metal with alot of catchy heavy metal riffing, heavy melodic parts mixed with fast beeswarm-riffs. The vocals is rather unusual, black metal vocals sung in a weird way of heavy metal style that varies with more darker and more brutal vocals aswell as clean vocals. 10 1€
335 FAGYHAMU South Of Carpathians 7 Black Metal with some pagan influences. 7"EP limited to 300 handnumbered copies. 10 1€
337 FATAL INJURY s/t CD Death/thrash Metal similar to the Gothenburg sound. 10 1€
340 FERMENTO Insignia CD Fast and brutal Death Metal with occasional slower heavier parts. The vocals range from dark guttural to brighter thrashier vocals. The band seem to have their roots in Gore Death Metal but have progressed and absorbed alot from the regular Death Metal style aswell. 10 1€
13 FIFTH REASON Psychotic CD digipack Dark Progressive Metal. Featuring members and ex. members of Hexenhaus, Memento Mori, Tad Morose and Memory Garden. 10 1€
343 FOETICIDE War Domain & Torment CD Brutal but yet melodic Death Metal, lots of influences from the Gothenburg death metal scene. It varies alot from fast and brutal parts to more intense parts with melodic riffing. The vocals changes from dark traditional death vocals to bright black metal like vocals. This is a band thats been around for a long time though not very productive. Definitely recommended to people into early Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Armageddon, Darkane etc. 10 1€
345 FORGOT Burning Down CD Extremely fast Black Metal from Russia. 10 1€
352 FULL MOON LYCANTHROPY / CONJURATION Split 7 FULL MOON LYCANTHROPY – Blasphemic Black Metal cruelty from these Danish maniacs. CONJURATION - Blackened Heavy Metal from Finland. Catchy midtempo metal with gruesome vocals. 10 1€
374 GREAT VAST FOREST Battletales And Songs Of Steel CD Fantasy-Black Metal with epic parts and some strange background choirs. Modern black metal in the vein of old Speed and Power Metal bands such as Running Wild, Blind Guardian and similar bands and Great Vast Forest does it to the full. 10 1€
781 HALLOWMAS The Road To Hallow´s Eve CD Horror Punk in the vein of Misfits. 10 1€
392 HERETIC the Chemistry For The Soul CD Wellplayed Death/Black Metal with alot of new ideas. Fast and intense parts mixed with melodic heavy metal riffing. This band exist of people otherwise active in the extreme death metal band Nexus 6, in The Heretic they use every idea to it´s full extent 10 1€
42 HERMAN RAREBELL Too Late For Peace mcd Furious D-Beat punk. 10 1€
398 HOLOCAUSTIA The Sacrament Seed mcd 10 1€
399 HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL Opus Genitalia CD Sick and twisted Goredrenched Death Metal. Lots of early Carcass influences, retarded samples/intros and lots of pounding downtuned Gore Death mayhem. This is the version with the uncensored cover. 10 1€
407 IMMORTAL RITES Art Of Devolution CD Somewhat melodic Death Metal similar to Hypocrisy(after the Fourth Dimension album), later Eucharist, Armageddon(swe.) etc. Features guestvocals by Alex Krull(Atrocity) and Liv Kristine(Leaves Eyes). 10 1€
764 IMPIOUS Terror Succeeds CD 10 1€
415 INCARNATED Pleasure Of Consumption CD Really brutal oldschool Death Metal with a distinct "Sunlight shredding sound" on the guitars. The songs are full of blastbeats/grind and do have alot of Gore-influences. This album may attract both gorefreaks and the traditional death metal listener. They also do cover versions of Hypocrisy and Impaled Nazarene songs and 3 bonus tracks recorded in 1997 are included on this their 2nd fullenght album. Feature members of Dead Infection, Neuropathia etc. 10 1€
423 INFESTUM s/t mcd Extreme and raw Black Metal from Belarus. 10 1€
430 ISRATHOUM Black Scenery Avatar CD Dutch/Portugese Black Metal, somewhat melodic but still very oldschool and brutal. This is a new band by guys with merits from other bands that has been in the scene for a long time by now. Re-release by the debut album originally released in 2004. 10 1€
432 JIGSORE Stench Of Human Butchery 7 10 1€
442 KOCA Evil Absorption CD 10 1€
446 KRATORNAS Over The Fourth Part Of The Earth CD Extreme Grind/Black Metal. 10 1€
453 KURU Epidemic CD Brutal american Gore/Death Metal, intense, aggressive and dark, total flesh consuming mayhem. This is the re-release by Deathgasm Records of their debut album. 10 1€
454 LAMENT CONFIGURATION Demonic Incantations CD Raw Black Metal with vocals sounding like it´s coming from the darkest abyss. Definitely recommendable black metal for people that appreciate bands such as early Rotting Christ, Ancient Rites and Thou Art Lord. 10 1€
455 LATHSPELL Fascination Of Deviltry CD Finnish Black Metal, fast and oldschool. The band has released at least 3 albums by now and this CD contains the bands 2 demos originally released in 2004. 10 1€
1173 LEGIONS OF ASTAROTH / HELLGOAT Split CD-split 10 1€
457 LETHAL Annihilation Agenda CD One of the "new" promising oldschool Thrash Metal bands from Sweden. They carry on in the same vein as old Deathrow, Destruction, Accüser etc. The vocals sometimes reminds of Jeff becerra of Possessed. 10 1€
459 LIGHTNING Filthy Human Beings CD Melodic, catchy and rather intense Death Metal with some occasional nice guitarsolos and epic inputs. A band that´s been around since the early 90s and are pretty good at what they´re doing by now. This album is definitely alot better than the cover makes the album justice. 10 1€
460 LOBOTOMIZED Fucking Lobotomized 7 Norwegian Death/Thrash with lots of punk influences. 9 tacks of filthy death/punk 3 of them are covers of Doomed, GGAllinand Abscess. Comes in an embossed gatefoldcover and handnumbered in 565 copies. 10 1€
466 LUGUBRUM De Vette Cuecken CD Primitive and original Black Metal. Mostly very raw in traditional oldschool black metal style but at times with some peculiar temposwitches, weird "evil" riffs mixed with real heavy parts and at times jazzing drumplaying. This is real dark black metal wi 10 1€
467 LUNA AD NOCTUM Dimness Profound CD Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal. 10 1€
470 LUNGORTHIN Morgrom CD Very heavy and dark Black Metal with some very pitchblack melodic parts in there. Can partly be compared to the 3 first albums of Gehenna. This is Lungorthin´s third album. 10 1€
472 LUX DIVINA New Days For The Ancient Wisdom CD Wellplayed Black/Pagan Metal, despite rather newly recorded material they´ve managed to capture the feeling of this genre from the past days as of early Enslaved and Borknagar. Partly vera fast black metal mixed with slower parts and "viking"-choirs. This is a compilation of their early material, demos and Ep:s. 10 1€
476 MAGAN Nathicana mcd Melodic Black Metal. 10 1€
479 MALEFICIA Songs Of The Nightbird CD Pre. Bloodhammer, this is were they started, dark finnish black metal a bit more melodic than Bloodhammer. 10 1€
482 MALVEILLANCE Insignificance CD Straight in your face-Black Metal, extreme and brutal violence with a very primitive crust punk feel to it. This is black metals comparison to D-beat bands like Disgust. 10 1€
484 MARBLEBOG Csendhajnal CD Oldschool Black Metal in the vein of Burzum but with some more epic parts. 10 1€
486 MASOKISMI Häpeällinen Siveysoppi CD Insane and filthy Grindcore/Crust from Finland, for fans of Anal Cunt, Stench Of Corpse etc. 10 1€
498 MEPHIZTOPHEL / UTUK XUL Split CD-split This is their demo from ´95, brutal oldschool Black Metal. They follow the path of Bathory with influences of early Darkthrone and Burzum. The sound is ok for a demorecording but one have to have in mind that the bands sound is meant to be as it was recor 10 1€
507 MISANTHROPIC Soulreaver CD Death Metal. 10 1€
45 MOTORBREATH / VON BÖÖM Split CD CD-split Swedish violent D-Beat Punk in the old style, total relentless mayhem. A split with Von Bööm that sounds very similar, two bands in the same direction towards total annihilation. 10 1€
522 MY OWN GRAVE Unholy Fight For Metal mcd digipack Swedish Thrash/Death Metal. For fans of later At The Gates and similar. 10 1€
524 MYSTIC CIRCLE The Bloody Path Of God CD 10 1€
528 NAHUAL Massive Onslaught From Hell CD Southamerican Black Metal featuring members of the old death/black band Hadez. This is black metal in the old style with good sound, kind of similar to later Mystifier and Master´s Hammer without the melodic stuff. 10 1€
955 NEGLECTED FIELDS Splenetic CD Progressive Death Metal from Latvia. The band has been around since the early 90s, this is their third and final album. Wllplayed with alot of diversity in the songstructures. 10 1€
537 NEMESIS AETERNA …And The Trip Begins 7 Fast death metal. 10 1€
540 NEXUS 6 A Strange Habitat CD Technical and progressive Death Metal with black metal influences. Former The Heretic members. Their 2nd album. 10 1€
22 NOCTA Wicked Woman CD Wellplayed Heavy Metal with resemblances to Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Blaze Bayley but also with some hints to obscure 70`s bands such as Tractor. 10 1€
928 NOCTIFERIA Per Aspera CD Death Metal with powerful elements of classical instrumentations. Brutal music with lots of riffs, tempochanges and majestic melodic inputs. 10 1€
553 NÅSTROND Conquering The Ages CD Swedish brutal and primitive Black Metal with some norwegian influences. This album was released as the band celebrated 10 years and features material from 1993 and forward where some tracks has never been released before. 10 1€
575 PANDEMIA Personal Demon CD The bands second fullength of brutal and intense Death Metal, wellplayed, fast and heavy with some really great guitarsolos. This is for people that likes Monstrosity, old Vader, Impurity, Exmortem etc. 10 1€
594 RAVENTHRONE Endless Conflict Theorem CD Pompuos and mighty Dark Metal with some orchestral elements and black and death metal vocals mixed with regular vocals. This is a Canadian/Austrian band featuring members of Pazuzu, Summoning, Pungent Stench, Hollenthon etc. 10 1€
609 SACRED SIN Mastery Of Holy Imperial Art CD Death/Black Metal by this long running portugese band. This is a compilation featuring material from the bands previous 5 albums aswell as a few covers by Morbid Angel, Slayer etc. 10 1€
612 SADIZTIK IMPALER Bestial Christ Fornication 7 Raw, fast and thrashing Black Metal. 10 1€
613 SALACIOUS GODS Piene CD Dutch fast and brutal Black Metal. The bands 3rd album. 10 1€
614 SALEM String Attached CD Veterans within the Death/Doom Metal genre. They´ve released music since the 80s and this album is a compilation of old songs but re-arranged with an orchestra and choir. Death Metal going epic. 10 1€
615 SALTUS Slavonic Pride CD 10 1€
617 SANCTIMONIOUS ORDER Thy Kingdom CD Melodic and thrashy Black Metal. They released their first ep. In 1999 and this is their debut album from 2004. 10 1€
1107 SATUREYE Where Flesh And Divinity Collide CD Thrash Metal featuring singer of Merciless. New CD but booklet has minor bending mark. 10 1€
626 SAXORIOR Saxot CD Melodic Black Metal, some very grandiose melodies and heavy parts. Their 3 album. 10 1€
638 SIBIMORTEM Glory To Eternal Fire CD Violent and messy brutal Black Metal with some melodic parts and guitarsolos in there. This is classic blasphemic black metal mayhem from Mexico. 10 1€
644 SODOMIZER More Horror And Death Again… CD Southamerican raw and unpolished Heavy/Speed Metal with some thrash influences. Lots of double bassdrums, wild guitarrsolos and brutal thrashvocals in the old way. This album consists of re-recorded songs from their second album and from two early demos. 10 1€
79 SOFA KING KILLER Midnight Magic CD American Stoner/Sludge Metal. Filthy drumsound, weird guitarrsolos and smoke injured vocals, just as it should be. 10 1€
647 SOMRAK / AESTHENIA Gathering At The Ruins 7 SOMRAK – Raw and fast Black Metal from Slovenia. AESTHENIA - Raw and oldschool Black Metal from the States. 10 1€
653 STORMRIDER Lucifer Rising CD Swedish Black/Death Metal. 10 1€
655 STROMMOUSS HELD Behind The Curtain CD Dark Industrial Metal. Apocalyptic clean vocals mixed with blackened vocals, drum programming, electric guitars, samples and chilling soundscapes. 10 1€
657 SUBREALITY Endless Horizon mcd Death/Doom Metal that remind of early Anathema, My Dying Bride and early Amorphis. Shortlived band by members that kept going in other numerous bands. This material was recorded in 1996 but was never released during the bands existence. The material was remastered and finally released in 2004 in a limited quantity of 500 copies. 10 1€
31 T.A.R. Tar And Feathers For The Millennium mcd Progressive Heavy Metal with attitude. 10 1€
30 T.A.R. Fear Of Life CD Progressive and kind of hard Heavy Metal. The band was formerly known as Vulture King, these days they´re known as Point Of Existence. 10 1€
82 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SKY Rorschach CD Heavy and moody Sludge/Doom Metal. This is total darkness and suicidal misery. Not alot of vocals but when there is they are rather brutal or harsh. Recommended if you like The Autumn Project. 10 1€
636 THE SHATTERING The Shattering Begins CD Intensively fast and technical Death Metal by this Swedish band. 10 1€
679 THROWN The Suicidal Kings Occult CD Doom/Death Metal with lots of hateful darkness. Thrown is led by Pete Flesh from other bands such as Maze Of Torment, Deceiver and Flesh. 10 1€
681 THY KINGDOM COME Through Bleeding Eyes CD American heavy and downtuned hardcore with some minor death metal influences. This is hardcore going in the same way as Sick Of It All, Next Step Up, Madball but a bit faster, real heavy riffs and the classic hardcore vocals. 10 1€
689 TOXIC REVOLUTION / ANDROPHAGOUS Noise Destruction Program / Exterminate CD-split ANDROPHAGOUS deliver 13 tracks of violent D-Beat/Death/Grind Metal. It´s total annihilation from the beginning to the end. TOXIC REVOLUTION is more punk than the previous band. The songs got some heavy slow parts that quickly changes into violent grinding moshing mayhem. 18 tracks of destruction. 10 1€
693 TYRANT Legend CD Japanese melodic/symphonic Black Metal, an all female band. If you´re into stuff like early Cradle Of Filth and similar. 10 1€
697 UNHOLY LAND The Fall Of The Chosen Star CD Fast Black Metal from Italy. This is recommendable for people that appreciate how the fastpalying Scandinavian bands sounded in the mid. 90s. This band has a couple of albums released by now, this is their debut album released in 2003. 10 1€
699 UNLIGHT Inferno CD 10 1€
698 UNLIGHT Eldest Born Of Hell CD 10 1€
700 UNLIGHT ORDER Through The Gates Of Torment mcd Pre. Zworn, swedish primitive Black Metal. 10 1€
706 UTUK XUL / MEPHIZTOPHEL Split CD-split Fast brutal Black Metal with occasional insanely fast parts. Brutal vocals that remind of the vocals in Mysticum. This material was recorded in ´97 as their demo, good demosound and as a bonus a song from their demo ´95. Typical ´90s black metal sound but 10 1€
1268 WALPURGISNACHT Die Derwaert Gaen En Keeren Niet CD Fast Black Metal. The band´s debut album from 1995. Featuring Cirith Gorgor members. 10 1€
83 VANCOUVER The Moment CD Sludge/Deathcore from Switzerland. This is their debut from 2004 released by Deep Send Records that are great of finding the darkest and heaviest bands within the genre. 10 1€
84 WINTERS Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies CD Brittish Doom Metal relesed by the reliable Rise Above Records. Feature old Angel Witch members. 10 1€
738 WOLVES Will 7 Primitive oldschool Black Metal. 3 songs and a cover of Hellhammer. 10 1€
54 VON BÖÖM / MOTORBREATH Split CD CD-split Swedish violent Crust Punk in the old way, total relentless mayhem. A split with Motorbreath that sounds very similar, two bands in the same direction towards total annihilation. 10 1€
85 WORLD BELOW Maelstrom CD Swedish Doom Metal, recommended if you like Candlemass and such. Ronnie from the death metal bands Grave and Demonical can be found behind the drums in this band. 10 1€
744 VÖRGUS Vörgusized CD Swedish intense "in your face" Thrash/Death Metal with a rather massive and fat sound. The bandname Vörgus may not be the most serious name for a band but this band was formed by members from good old classic death metal bands such as Deformity and the great band Internal Decay. This album was recorded in two parts, first part is produced by Mike Wead and the second was produced by Tore Stjerna(Necromorbus Studio). 10 1€
745 YERSINIA / BARASTIR Invocatur Infernum 7 YERSINIA – A fast and violent 6 minute track by this band. A very hateful track with slower parts filled with hopeless angst. BARASTIR - German traditional abyssic and oldschool Black Metal. 2 tracks. 10 1€
748 ZEENON Blood Vessel Criteria CD Norwegian fast and somewhat technical Death Metal with hissing vocals. This band has stubbornly only released various ep.s since ´95, this is their first fullength album. 10 1€
750 ZORN Schwarz Metall CD Harsh and brutal Black Metal by members from other bands such as Isegrim and Mord. This is their debut album from 2001. 10 1€