Used Records

Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
1103 59 TIMES THE PAIN End Of The Millenium CD Hardcore. 10
1260 ABSU The Sun Of Tiphareth CD Markings on CD but plays well, some wear on booklet. 40
1220 ACCEPT Balls To The Wall CD Remastered re-release including 2 live bonus tracks. 30
1193 ALICE COOPER Brutal Planet CD European edition with slipcase and poster. Slipcase has some edgewear. 30
1302 ALIENATION MENTAL Ball Spouter CD Extreme, technical and brutal Death metal. The first album. 50
1194 ANATHEMA Eternity CD 40
1306 BENEDICTION The Dreams You Dread CD First press. 100 10€
1197 BENάMB By Means Of Upheaval CD GRINDCORE 40
1196 BENάMB Withering Strands Of Hope CD GRINDCORE 40
1198 BIRDS OF PREY Weight Of The Wound CD Sludge/Death Metal. 40
1261 BLOOD RED THRONE Monument Of Death CD 1st. Press. 60
1102 BLUDGEON Crucify The Priest CD Thrash/Death Metal. 40
1263 CATHEDRAL Caravan Beyond Redemption CD 40
1200 CAVE IN Until Your Heart Stops CD Metalcore. 10
1307 CINERARY Rituals Of Desecration mcd First press. Brutal Death Metal feat. members of Brodquin and Disgorge. 50
1264 COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN Deciphering The Soul CD 40
1309 CRAWLEY Territorial CD Groove/Thrash Metal from the mid. 90΄s. 10
1201 CRIVITS Stare CD Hardcore 10
1202 CYBORG Chronicles CD Industrial Death/Thrash Metal. 10
1310 DAEONIA Morphic Lands mcd Gothic Doom Metal. This is their demo released on CD by Candlelight Records. 10
1311 DEBAUCHERY Torture Pit CD Death Metal. 70
1203 DEEPSKIN Judas CD Gothic Rock 10
1204 DEMACRETIA Core Hammer CD Industrial Death Metal. 10
1205 DENATA Deathtrain CD Thrash Metal. 10
1206 DEVIN TOWNSEND Terria CD 30
1312 DIES IRAE Immolated CD Death Metal similar to Vader. Also feat. former mebers of Vader. 50
1265 DISGORGE She Lay Gutted CD Brutal Death Metal. Few markings on CD but plays well. 50
1355 DISGRACE Vol. 2 CD 30
1208 DORO Calling The Wild CD 30
1209 EARTH CRISIS Gomorrah΄s Season Ends CD HARDCORE 10
1210 ECONOLINE CRUSH Affliction CD Industrial Rock. Few minor scratches on CD but does not affect playing. 10
1211 ETERNAL OATH Through The Eyes Of Hatred CD Symphonic/Death Metal. 20
1212 ETHELYN Devilicious CD Melodic Death/Black Metal. Bendingmark on the back of booklet. 30
1213 EXTREME III Sides To Every Story CD Funkish Metal. 10
1214 GROPE Desert Storm CD Groove Metal. Punch hole in booklet. 10
1313 HANDFUL OF HATE Hierarchy 1999 CD Italian Black Metal. Feat. members and former members of Glorior Belli, Macabre Omen etc. 50
1101 HARMS WAY Oxytocin CD digi Heavy/Stoner/Doom Metal by members and ex. members of Merciless, Unleashed, Terra Firma etc. 20
1351 HYPOCRISY The Final Chapter CD 50
1219 IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 2-CD 40
1215 JUMBO΄S KILLCRANE The Slow Decay CD Sludge/Doom Metal. 20
1350 KULT OV AZAZEL Oculus Infernum CD 50
1216 LAW Vindication And Contempt CD Industrial/Ambient 10
1354 LOST SOUL άbermensch (Death of God) CD 40
1100 MANNHAI The Sons Of Yesterday΄s Black Grouse CD Stoner Metal. Cut out, back cover. 20
1353 MAZE OF TORMENT Death Strikes CD 40
1099 MISERY LOVES CO. Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share CD 10
1098 NIGHTSKY BEQUEST Of Sea, Wind And Farewell CD Gothic/Doom Metal. 20
1217 NME WITHIN Science Krucifikktion CD Industrial Groove Thrash Metal. 10
1218 NOCTIFERIA Per Aspera CD Symphonic and skillfull Black/Death Metal. 10
1349 OBITUARY Frozen In Time CD 40
1348 ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET 21st Century Killing Machine CD Limited edition including 2 bonus tracks and video clip. 70
1097 PAIN OF SALVATION Ending Themes (The Second Death Of...) 2-CD Progressive Rock/Metal. Live album. 30
1347 PITCHSHIFTER Deviant CD 10
1346 REV. KRISS HADES The Wind Of Orion CD 50
1092 SARGATANAS REIGN Bloodwork: Techniques Of torture CD Death Metal. Featuring members of Nefandus, ex. Nominon etc. 40
1091 SATUREYE Where Flesh And Divinity Collide CD Thrash Metal featuring singer of Merciless. New CD but booklet has minor bending mark. 10
1222 SAXON Strong Arm Of The Law CD Remastered re-release including 8 bonus tracks. 40
1221 SAXON Saxon CD Remastered re-release including ΄78 demo recording and 8 live bonus tracks. 40
1345 SCARVE Irradiant CD 30
1089 SOILENT GREEN A Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down CD Sludge/Death Metal/Grindcore. 40
1344 SOLEFALD Neonism CD 40
1088 SURRENDER OF DIVINITY Oriental Hell Rhythmics CD Black Metal. 40
1343 SYNPERIUM Transfiguration mcd 20
1342 THE ORDHER Kill The Betrayers CD 50
1341 THYRFING Vansinnesvisor CD 50
1084 WITHERED EARTH Into The Deepest Wounds CD Death Metal. New CD but backcover is sligthly damaged. 40
1083 YATTERING Genocide CD Technical Brutal Death Metal. 40
1082 ZIMMER΄S HOLE Legions Of Flames CD Re-rekease of the bands 2nd album. 40
1081 ZIMMER΄S HOLE Bound By Fire CD Re-release of the bands 1st album. Speed/Thrash/Death by members of Strapping Young Lad and many other bands. 40