Shirts, Zines & Misc.

Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
917 EVOCATION T-shirt: L Shirt by the Swe. Death Metal band Evocation. Shirt feature the logo/cover of the first edition of the demo compilation album. 100 10
867 FORGOTTEN CHAPEL #8 Fanzine Pro printed fanzine, written in English, with a genuine b/w oldschool layout. More than 60 pages full of interviews with Evil Offering, Shackles, Destruktor, Underdark, Proclamation, Bestial Invasion Records, Israthoum, The Nihilistic Front, Nocturnal Vomit, Ketzer and a lot more. Also Demo, Fanzine and Album reviews. 40 4
916 INFUNERAL Sepulchral Monument T-shirt: L, XL 60 6
911 KOMMANDANT Tour shirt T-shirt: L, XL 100 10
918 MEGA SLAUGHTER Crucifixion T-shirt: M, L, XL 150 15
885 MEGA SLAUGHTER Demo 91 cover Patch Printed patch. 12x10 cm. 30 3