Melodic Death / Black

Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
1116 A CANOROUS QUINTET The Quintessence 2-CD digipack Massive collection featuring both fullengt albums originally released in 1996 and 1998, the 1st Ep. originally released in 1995 aswell as some previously unreleased demo and live recordings. One of the finest in the Swedish melodic Death Metal genre from the ´90s. 140 14€
103 AHRIMAN Ködkin Ösvény - Mistpain Path CD Melodic Black Metal. Solid black metal with some minor folkmusic instruments incorporated into the music. The bands 2nd fullength. 80 8€
1062 BERGTHRON Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder... CD Atmospheric Black Metal. The first album by Bergthron, a onetrack album lasting for 33 minutes. 80 8€
951 CHALICE OF DOOM Into Hypnagogia CD Melodic Doom/Death Metal in the vein of My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost but a bit more melodic at times just as it is more brutal at some occasions with growling vocals. Dark and melancholic metal with lots of inputs like doomful choirs and shivering soundscapes. 80 8€
960 CRADLE OF FILTH Bitter Suites To Succubi CD 60 6€
961 CRADLE OF FILTH Lovecraft & Witch Hearts 2-CD A 2-cd compilation of remastered and remixed tracks and different covers they´ve made during the years. 80 8€
240 DECEASED Return To The Evil Side CD 80 8€
1153 DECEASED Supernatural Addiction CD 80 8€
1061 DECEASED Surreal Overdose CD Death/Thrash veterans Deceased return with their 6th album. This is the Area Death Prod. release with the CD and a poster in a slipcase. 100 10€
241 DECEASED As The Weird Travel On CD 80 8€
1036 DENIAL OF GOD Death And The Beyond CD Black Metal of darkened horror. This is the 2nd album by these Danish black/horror metallers, including dark heavy metal influences, spooky atmospheres and fast blasting parts aswell. 100 10€
932 DIMMU BORGIR For All Tid CD Re-release of the first album. Melodic Black Metal. The Nuclear Blast edition with 2 bonustracks. 80 8€
933 DIMMU BORGIR Enthrone Darkness Triumphant CD Re-release featuring bonustrack and other stuff. Their 3rd album that made them famous all over the world. 80 8€
17 HELLTRAIN The 666 Ep. 7 Melodic metal in the vein of the Gothenburg sound. This is the material that gave them the contract for Nuclear Blast. These guys used to go under the monicker of Sheitan. They´ve released a few critically acclaimed albums by now. 30 3€
407 IMMORTAL RITES Art Of Devolution CD Somewhat melodic Death Metal similar to Hypocrisy(after the Fourth Dimension album), later Eucharist, Armageddon(swe.) etc. Features guestvocals by Alex Krull(Atrocity) and Liv Kristine(Leaves Eyes). 20 2€
414 INCAPACITY 9th Order Extinct LP 80 8€
459 LIGHTNING Filthy Human Beings CD Melodic, catchy and rather intense Death Metal with some occasional nice guitarsolos and epic inputs. A band that´s been around since the early 90s and are pretty good at what they´re doing by now. This album is definitely alot better than the cover makes the album justice. 20 2€
469 LUNATIC GODS Cuckoo 7 One new song and a cover of Metallica´s "Phantom Lord" This 7" was released in ´99 after their 2nd album. 40 4€
468 LUNATIC GODS Mythus LP Atmospheric/Death/Doom/Black Metal. The fourth album by these guys. Vinyl version has completely different cover to the CD version. Last copy, cover has a very tiny scratch mark on upper left corner. 100 10€
480 MALEVOLENCE Martyrialized LP-pic. 80 8€
962 ROTTING CHRIST Sanctus Diavolus CD digi The bands 8th album. 60 6€
714 V/A War Compilation - War Dance 1 CD Compilation by War Records in 1998. Bands: Carnal Forge - Sweet bride, Darkane - July 1999, Darkane - Convicted, Carnal Forge - Twisted, Dimension Zero - They are awaiting..., Naglfar - Blades, In Thy Dreams - Forgiven sins, Eucharist - Mirrorworld, Armageddon - The judgement divine, Zephyr - Evil bloody evil. 40 4€