Cassettes & Demos

Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
786 CELTIC DANCE 1488 Blood & Triumph! Cassette Compilation of different demos and unreleased songs, a total of 14 tracks. Oldschool brutal Black Metal. 30 3€
791 CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS Streams Cassette 9 songs of finnish misanthropic Black Metal, the vocals are very distinct and reminds of the agonizing vocals on Into The Pandemonium by Celtic Frost. 20 2€
788 DAWN OF DIVISION Outrage Of Desolation Cassette 3 song demo of greek Black Metal. The first song is a peculiar Pink Floyd cover. 20 2€
787 DAWN OF DIVISION Awaiting The Dawn Cassette Greek Black Metal. 5 track demo recorded in 2003-2005. 20 2€
795 ELIMI Slutet, Mörkret, Tystnaden Cassette Four track demo of Swedish Black Metal from 2006. The band has released 2 fullenght albums by now. 30 3€
799 HATE FOREST Temple Forest Cassette This demo is very different towards the normal music by Hate Forest. This is an entire demo of ambient music originally recorded in 2000 but wasn´t released until much later. 20 2€
798 HATE FOREST The Curse Cassette Eight song demo with heavy and brutal Black Metal backed up with death metal vocals. Originally released in 2000, this is a re-release by Hammer Of Damnation in 2007. 30 3€
794 NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION Soundtrack For A Suicide Cassette Five track demo released in 2005. One song is a Forgotten Tomb cover and another is an Nargaroth cover. French melancholic Black Metal. 20 2€
793 NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION Nostalgia - Fragments Of A Broken Past Cassette Dark and melancholic Black Metal with some reminiscens to My Dying Bride. This was also released as the bands fullenght debut on CD in 2006. 20 2€
1335 SCARS OF SODOM Retribution Of The Wicked Cassette Australian Black Metal. The bands debut album released in a limited quantity of 50 copies. Featuring members of Anatomy, Cemetery Urn, Atomizer etc. 50 5€
1334 WOLVENCROWN Wolvencrown Cassette Ep. UK Black Metal. 30 3€