Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
1065 DISHAMMER Vintage Addiction CD Dirty blackened thrash metal with crust influences. Like a hybrid of Motörhead, Hellhammer and Discharge. This band clearly couldn't give a damn about modern production values, and sound like they're still playing out in the basement of an 80's house party. 80 8€
781 HALLOWMAS The Road To Hallow´s Eve CD Horror Punk in the vein of Misfits. 30 3€
45 MOTORBREATH / VON BÖÖM Split CD CD-split Swedish violent D-Beat Punk in the old style, total relentless mayhem. A split with Von Bööm that sounds very similar, two bands in the same direction towards total annihilation. 30 3€
557 OBSCENE GESTURE Living In Profanity CD American Hardcore/Crossover in the old classic style. Sounds like a mix of S.O.D. and Slayer´s Undisputed Attitude album. This is violent mosh and intense speeding hardcorethrash. Featuring people from Agent Steel and Steel Prophet. 50 5€
47 OPPOSITION PARTY Zombiefied CD 50 5€
48 SATANARCHY Disgraceful World CD This is some real dirty and violent Death/Punk by members from Gehenna, Hearse, Rise And Shine and more. 100 10€
953 SATANIC THREAT In To Hell mcd Speed/Punk/Hardcore stylistically very oldschool and heavily influenced by Minor Threat. This shit sounds just as it was made in the ´80s. This is angry hardcore with satanic lyrics. Featuring Nunslaughter memb. 8 tracks including 8 livetracks. 50 5€
631 SECURITY THREAT The Truth Is Out mcd American D-beat punk with that special sloppy feeling on the drums, messy and brutal anger with some feelings of death metal into it. To show what they´re all about they´re also doing a GG Allin cover. 40 4€
1118 SHITFUCKER Suck Cocks In Hell CD Filthy fucking blackened Thrash/Punk. American version. 70 7€
1117 SHITFUCKER Suck Cocks In Hell CD Filthy fucking blackened Thrash/Punk. European version with different cover. 60 6€
681 THY KINGDOM COME Through Bleeding Eyes CD American heavy and downtuned hardcore with some minor death metal influences. This is hardcore going in the same way as Sick Of It All, Next Step Up, Madball but a bit faster, real heavy riffs and the classic hardcore vocals. 30 3€
1023 TIGER JUNKIES D-Beat Street Rock n Rollers CD Filthy Punk/Thrash/Crossover. A band that was formed by Yasuyuki of the Japanese bands Abigail and Barbatos and Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust. Tiger Junkies is a weird mix of punk with some elements of thrash and filthy vocals about sex, alcohol, whores and metal. Some songtitles goes as Stupid Posers Deserves To Die, We Are Motherfuckers, Metal Punk, Tiger Bitch etc. 16 tracks of raw punk/thrash including a cover of The Exploited´s “ Porno Slut”. 80 8€
53 TOXIC REVOLUTION / ANDROPHAGOUS Noise Destruction Program / Exterminate CD-split TOXIC REVOLUTION is more punk than Androphagous. The songs got some heavy slow parts that quickly changes into violent grinding moshing mayhem. 18 tracks of destruction. ANDROPHAGOUS deliver 13 tracks of violent Death/Grind Metal with a feeling of Crust punk. It´s total annihilation from the beginning to the end. 40 4€