Heavy / Rock / Metal

Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
115 ANTISEEN One Live Sonofabitch LP 80 8
986 ANTISEEN / NUNSLAUGHTER Split 7"-split ANTISEEN Fueling American punkrock, filthy and angry with a kick in the groin! NUNSLAUGHTER 2 new tracks by these veterans of the sickest oldschool satanic death metal. 40 4
268 DEVIL LEE ROT Metal Dictator LP Evil and satanic Heavy Metal, their third fullenght album. The vinyl version is limited to 525 copies. 60 6
267 DEVIL LEE ROT Pagan From The Heat 7 Their first 7", this is the early material and is a bit harder than their present stuff. 30 3
72 HARMS WAY s/t 10 Doomy Rock/Metal by known people from Merciless, Unleashed etc. 40 4
20 MEMORY GARDEN Marion 7 Swedish Power/Doom Metal, Memory Garden is definitely one of the big ones in the genre, being around since 93, a strong album released by Heathendoom records then picked up by Metal Blade for 2 albums. They had a short period of inactivity and then released this 7" through Heathendoom Records. This material is back to the roots and some of the best from the band. This material immediatley got them signed on VIC Records. For fans of Memento Mori, Candlemass etc. 40 4