Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
1040 FFERYLLT The Prediction CD Celtic Folk/Pagan Metal. This band sounds just as if they were from the western Europe but they´re actually from Russia and they do their Celtic influences very very well. Fferyllt is using a lot of traditional instruments like bagpipes, cello, violin, flute etc. to accomplish the most genuine feel of celtic days of old. The songs vary between almost Dimmu Borgir like majestic parts to more folkish tunes and more brutal metal with growling vocals to female folksinging. 80 8€
1010 FOLKEARTH Valhalla Ascendant CD Folk/Viking Metal. Every song is a work of its own with lots of incorporated instruments like cello, flute, accordion and more. All kind of different vocals like normal female vocals to growling vocals. As all the previous albums from this band it feature folk metal musicians from all over the world. 80 8€
1025 FOLKODIA The Fall Of The Magog CD Folk/Viking Metal. Folkodia has a lot to do with the band Folkearth but not so epic. Folkodia is more brutal with growling vocals but still with lots of symphonic folkish inputs, female vocals and choirs. Featuring members from Greece, France, Lithuania, Italy, Monaco, Argentina and Germany. This is the bands 6th album in their quest for medieval glory. 80 8€
1035 NORDVERG Crimson Dawn CD Russian Viking/Folk Metal. Lots of folkish guitar melodies and chants mixed with brutal vocals sung in Russian language. Mostly midtempo songs with pagan inputs, flutes, melodic leads and guitarsolos mixed with some parts of blasting speed. 80 8€
1021 SHAMBLESS Menra Eneidalen CD Atmospheric/Folk/ Death/Black Metal. Melodic and epic songs dealing with elfish mythology. The third fullenght from this oneman band. An album that is full of multi-layered instrumental diversity, flutes, choirs, epic soundscapes mixed with black metal parts and brutal vocals. All lyrics sung in elvish language. 80 8€
1009 WARTHA Paűstań CD Pagan/Folk/Black Metal from Belarus. Music with lots of variations between very melodic parts, fast and brutal black metal parts, grim black metal vocals mixed with female vocals and lots of epic inputs. Ten tracks of pagan hymns and a very unusual cover of Immortal´s Blashyrkh. 60 6€