Melodic Death / Black

Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
17 HELLTRAIN The 666 Ep. 7 Melodic metal in the vein of the Gothenburg sound. This is the material that gave them the contract for Nuclear Blast. These guys used to go under the monicker of Sheitan. They´ve released a few critically acclaimed albums by now. 30 3€
414 INCAPACITY 9th Order Extinct LP 80 8€
469 LUNATIC GODS Cuckoo 7 One new song and a cover of Metallica´s "Phantom Lord" This 7" was released in ´99 after their 2nd album. 40 4€
468 LUNATIC GODS Mythus LP Atmospheric/Death/Doom/Black Metal. The fourth album by these guys. Vinyl version has completely different cover to the CD version. Last copy, cover has a very tiny scratch mark on upper left corner. 100 10€
480 MALEVOLENCE Martyrialized LP-pic. 80 8€