Death / Black

Item# Artist Album Format Details                                             SEK EUR Pic
1058 ABHORRENT History Of The World´s End 2-CD Thrash/Death Metal from Chile. Great violent thrashing death metal by Abhorrent. The first CD contains a 2 track adv. Tape from ´92. The bands awesome ´93 demo “Christianicide” and their first album/demo “Start Point” released in 1996. The second CD feature 2 compilation tracks and 8 live tracks. This is an awesome compilation with the bands best material. 120 12€
1224 ABHOTH The Tide CD Swedish Death Metal feat. members of God Macabre, Afflicted Suffer etc. This compilation feature all the bands material recorded during ´89-´94. 100 10€
92 ABOMINANT Upon Black Horizons CD Raw Death Metal with no hassle, just pure brutality by this stable band. This is their fifth album. 80 8€
1012 ABSCESS Damned And Mummified CD 4th album by these filthmongers of death and disgust. 80 8€
873 ABUSIVENESS Trioditis CD Fast and brutal Black Metal. This band has been around since early 90s, not very productive though as this is their 3rd fullenght album since 1991. The music is wellplayed, really fast and atmospheric in the vein of Dark Funeral, Setherial and similar. 100 10€
1314 ABYSSUS Into The Abyss CD Death Metal in the footsteps of early Obituary soaked in filth. 100 10€
94 ACHERON Decade Infernus 1988-1998 2-CD A massive collection of classic Death Metal by Acheron. 100 10€
919 ACHERON Rebirth: Metamorphosis into godhood CD Death/Black Metal. 80 8€
95 ACRIMONIOUS Perdition Gospel mcd Greek raw and filthy Black Metal released by Nuclear War Now Rec. 50 5€
96 AD NOCTUM The Excellence Of Supremacy CD Fast brutal Black Metal by members of Exmortem, Panzerchrist and Apollyon. The band released 2 fullength albums before they called it quits, this release contains the bands 2 demos on CD. 80 8€
1139 ADVERSARIAL Prophetic Plain Of Abyssal Revelation CD digi 100 10€
99 AFTER DEATH Retronomicon CD The recent band of Mike Browning(Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, Acheron etc.). Dark and heavy Death Metal incorporated with doomy keyboardparts just like it was used in Nocturnus in the early ´90s. After Death should not really be compared to Nocturnus though, 80 8€
1140 ALCHEMYST Nekromanteion CD 100 10€
1316 ALTAR OF SIN Tales Of Carnage First Class CD Speedy Death/Thrash Metal. 100 10€
106 AMPÜTATOR s/t mcd Brutal and raw Black Metal with lots of thrash feel to it. This is their demo re-released on CD that´s been followed by a bunch of ep.s and fullenghts. Feature member of the death metal band Godless Rising. 40 4€
109 ANAEL / LUST Split CD-split Anaels part of this CD is the really good one. It´s all about classic oldschool Black Metal with a lot of heaviness and dark feeling. In the footsteps of old Samael and Alastis. Lust´s part of this album may be discussed, retarded black metal with chaotic elements, at some points similar to Rev. Kris Hades soloproject. 40 4€
895 ANATOMIA Dead Bodies In The Morgue CD Filthy oldschool Death Metal. Slow, dirty, sickening and disgusting metal with punching riffing similar to Abscess and Autopsy. This album is a compilation featuring; Demo ´03, Human Lust demo ´09, 3 liverecordings and 3 rehearsals of coversongs. 80 8€
935 ANCIENT Eerily Howling Winds - The antediluvian tapes CD A collection of previously unreleased early songs and the bands first demo “Eerily Howling Winds” originally released in 1993. 50 5€
936 ANCIENT Det Glemte Riket CD Norwegian Black Metal. This CD contain the ”Det Glemte Riket” 7” and the ”Trolltaar” mcd aswell as 3 previously unreleased tracks. This is the remastered 2005 release by Sleazy Rider Records. 80 8€
991 ANHEDONIST Netherwards CD Doom/Death Metal from the States. Very dark, heavy and a great debut by this band. Some resemblance to the great band Disembowelment. 100 10€
113 ANIMUS / SCHATTENDASEIN Glemt Vissen Död CD-split Dark and moody Black Metal with some faster parts. This band consists of members from the old classic Death/Grind band Depression and Nordafrost . They also do a cover of Bathorys "Call from the grave". The other band on this CD, Shattendasein deliver some dark and traditional Black Metal. 40 4€
117 AOSOTH s/t CD Great french Black Metal, very dark and raw with some thrash metal input. 100 10€
1060 ARCHENEMY Violent Harm CD Thrash/Death Metal from the States. Very early and very intensively violent death/thrash by this shortlived band from California. The band only released a couple of rehearsal demotapes. This CD feature a 5 track rehearsal from 1986. The soundquality is rough but for diehard underground thrashers this is a gem. The CD also feature a 5 track rehearsal made in 1985 without vocals. 80 8€
808 ARKHON INFAUSTUS Orthodoxyn CD 100 10€
1069 ARSENIC Seeds Of Darkness CD 80s Death/Thrash Metal from the States. Arsenic released only demos between ´85 ´til ´89 before disbanded. This CD compiles the bands 1985 8-track demo “Beneath The Grave”, 1988 demo “Souls Lie Screaming” and 1989 demo “Hallucinations”. The soundquality is a bit rough at times. Overall the CD shows a great gem of the early US Thrash/Death Metal scene. 80 8€
1141 ATARAXY Revelations Of The Ethereal CD Death Metal, heavy and dark as hell. This is a fantastic debut by these guys. 100 10€
131 ATOMIZER The Only Weapon Of Choice CD 100 10€
137 AVE SATHANAS Religion Of Pity CD Fast and brutal Black Metal with melodies and parts that reminds of the old band Mysticum. This band only recorded one album and contained Frediablo and Fug that is known from Gorelord, Wurdulak, Necrophagia, Grimfist etc. 80 8€
138 AVENGER Live At Open Hell Fest. 2003 CD 50 5€
1142 AVULSED Ritual Zombi CD 100 10€
140 AVULSION Indoctrination Into The Cult Of Death CD The frontcover is rather misguiding but this is all about American oldschool Death Metal in the vein of early bands such as Goreaphobia, Morta Skuld, Rottrevore and so on but also with some scandinavian influences that reminds of classic death metal bands 80 8€
1143 AXIS OF ADVANCE Obey CD 100 10€
1039 BEGRIME EXEMIOUS Impending Funeral Of Man CD Canadian Black/Death Metal with lots of thrashing inputs, tempochanges, catchy riffing and raw heaviness of sheer oldschool atmospheres. The bands 1st album that also got very good reviews from the critics. 100 10€
1144 BEGRIME EXEMIOUS Visions Of The Scourge CD 100 10€
151 BENEDICTION Killing Music CD/DVD-box Total oldschool Death Metal with lots of dripping filth and brutality. Benediction hasn´t been this good since the "Transcend The Rubicon" album released in ´93. This album definitely shows that the band shouldn´t be counted out just yet. 180 18€
152 BERGRAVEN Dödsvisioner CD 80 8€
153 BERGTHRON Faust Für Faust CD digipack 100 10€
154 BERSERK Cries Of Blood And Hate CD Black Metal inspired by the norwegian scene. Reminds at times of Enslaved, straight black metal with some parts of Folk/Pagan stuff. 50 5€
1067 BETHLEHEM Reflektionen Aufs Sterben mcd Re-release by the bands Ep. Originally released in ´98. New cover and an extra track. 80 8€
1066 BETHLEHEM Stönkfitzchen mcd 60 6€
1145 BEYOND Fatal Power Of Death CD 100 10€
162 BLACK AUTUMN Ecstasy, Nightmare, Doom CD Black Metal with a raw and cold sound, lots of dark anxiety and suicidal feelings. Some weird and miserable part with tormented vocals. 50 5€
163 BLACK DEATH RITUAL Profound Echoes Of The End CD Great and brutal Finnish Black Metal with a very dark sound. There´s been many great black metal bands coming from Finland lately and this is definitely one of them. Feature members of Horna, Behexen, Satanic Warmaster etc. 100 10€
164 BLACK DRAUGWATH Apocalyptic Songs CD Previous Blackdeath from Russia. This is their demo recordings before they changed their name. Raw, primitive and very dark black metal. 50 5€
165 BLACK EMPIRE Into The Jails Of Past CD Brutal Black/Thrash from Mexico, much in the vein of Desaster. Not really as good as Desaster but very much good enough to be in the top. Definitely recommendable if you like dirty Black Metal soaked in alcoholic Thrash! 80 8€
166 BLACK SABBATH tribute to Hell Rules 2 CD 12 brutal covers by Evoken, Evil Incarnate, Burning Inside, Nokturne, Cephalic Carnage, Sanctorum, Equinox, Engrave, Acheron, Aurora Borealis, Vile & Vital Remains. 100 10€
1018 BLACK WITCHERY Inferno Of Sacred Destruction CD & DVD The 3rd album from these War/Black Metal Americans. Black Witchery are definitely among the best bands in genre of extreme black metal warfare. CD comes with a 20 page booklet featuring artwork for each track and a live DVD with multi-angle footage & soundboard audio, entitled "Live Ritual of Chaos - Live Helsinki 24/10/09" 100 10€
1019 BLACK WITCHERY Upheaval Of Satanic Might CD The 2nd album, the bands most straight forward album, every song is a relentless stabbing in the guts of Christ. For fans of Conqueror, Blasphemy, Deiphago, Morbosidad etc. 80 8€
176 BLOOD REAPING Ignis Penumbra CD Mexican brutal Death Metal with a fat sound. This is a new band by members of Ravager and the old classic death metal band Cenotaph. 80 8€
175 BLOODHAMMER Post-Apocalypse Trilogy CD Finnish Black Metal, brutal and oldschool. Second album. 80 8€
1011 BLOODTHORN Under The Reign Of Terror CD Death Metal from Norway. The bands 3rd album where they left their previous melodic black metal sound and became a dark and brutal death metal band instead. On this album they recruited alex of the French death metallers Agressor as guitarist. They also finish the album with a cover of Mayhem´s Deathcrush with Necrobutcher on bass. 100 10€
180 BLOT MINE Ashcloud CD 80 8€
1005 CALL OF UNEARTHLY Blast Them All Away CD Brutal and dark Death Metal by this Polish band. After 3 demos they now appear with a blasting debutalbum. Death metal with lots of speed and intense riffing. For fans of Hate Eternal, early Decapitated, Hate etc. 100 10€
1038 CANCER SPREADING The Age Of Desolation CD Death Metal. Raw and filthy death metal with lots of influences of early Bolt Thrower(first 2 albums), heavy smashing riffing, warmachine pounding drums and some great guttural vocals. 100 10€
188 CANNIBAL CORPSE Gore Obsessed CD 100 10€
189 CARPTICON Master Morality CD Fast and intense Death Metal from Norway. Some parts remind of typical fast Stockholm black metal. The vocals are also leaning towards black metal at times. This is for people that appreciate bands as Blood Red Throne, Cobolt 60 etc. 80 8€
190 CELESTIAL BLOODSHED Cursed, Scarred And Forever Possessed CD Norwegian Black Metal. 80 8€
1296 CEMETERY Enter The Gate (discography 1991-1993) 2-CD German Death Metal from the early 90s. "Enter the Gate" was recorded in 1993 and scheduled to be released in 1994. Unfortunately, the label folded due to bankruptcy and the album has remained unreleased ever since ´til now. Bonus CD also features the "Cemetery" demo (1991) and the previously unreleased "At Dark Places" EP (1992). 120 12€
194 CEMETERY URN The Conquered Are Burned CD 80 8€
193 CEMETERY URN Urn Of Blood CD Very dark and raw Death Metal. Cemetery Urn is the new band by members of the great bands Abominator, Bestial Warlust etc. This is their debut album from 2007. 80 8€
1080 CEREKLOTH In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death CD Sepulchral metal of DEATH! Rotting filthy death anthems by these danes on their 1st fullenght debut. 80 8€
1147 CHRIST DENIED Cancer Eradication CD 100 10€
200 CHTON Chtonian Lifecode CD Dark and brutal Death metal from Norway. This is their debut from ´04. Also features guestvocals by Attila(Tormentor, Mayhem) and Frediablo(Necrophagia, Grimfist, Wurdulak). 80 8€
899 CHTON The Devil Builds CD digi Crushing Death Metal by these Norwegians. Their second album is much about heaviness, sharp riffing and agonizing death. Similar to Zyklon but not as focused on speed as to good variety in the songs. Chton also greet the listener with a nice Abscess cover. 100 10€
202 CHURCH BIZARRE Sinister Glorification CD 80 8€
1317 CHURCH OF DISGUST Veneration Of Filth CD Oldschool Death Metal of Disgust. 100 10€
1288 CHURCH OF DISGUST Unworldly Summoning CD Death Metal from the States. 100 10€
203 CIANIDE Divide And Conquer CD 80 8€
875 CINIS The Last Days Of Ouroboros CD Brutal and wellplayed Death Metal from Poland. Similar to bands like Hate, early Decapitated etc. 80 8€
204 CIRITH GORGOR Firestorm Apocalypse CD 80 8€
1148 COFFIN TEXTS The Tomb Of Infinite Ritual CD 100 10€
208 CONSPIRACY Reincarnated CD digipack 80 8€
876 CONVENT Abandon Your Lord CD digi Fast and crushing Death Metal similar to Damnation, early Decapitated, Hate etc. One of Polands longest running bands even though they´ve not been very productive and only released demos and ep.s until now. This is their debut album released in 2009. 80 8€
1150 CORPSESSED The Dagger & The Chalice mcd 60 6€
1149 CORPSESSED Abysmal Thresholds CD 100 10€
1151 CRAVEN IDOL Towards Eschaton CD 100 10€
858 CRUCIAMENTUM Engulfed In Desolation mcd 60 6€
854 CRUCIAMENTUM Convocation Of Crawling Chaos mcd 60 6€
215 CRYPTIC Once Holy Realm CD 80 8€
217 CRYPTIC WINDS Storms Of The Black Millenium CD American raw and brutal Black Metal, total oldschool mayhem. Great classic sound that reminds a bit of the old classic Scandinavian bands, total hate! This is for people that enjoy the sounds of Judas Iscariot, Krieg, Taake, Horna etc. 80 8€
1152 CULT OF FIRE Ascetic Meditation of Death CD 100 10€
1004 CULTES DES GHOULES Henbane CD Polish Black Metal. It´s dark raw and totally devoted to death. This is the follow up to their acclaimed debut album. All those who liked the first album will certainly not be disappointed by Henbane. 100 10€
762 DAEMONLORD The Sign (Key of the underworld...) CD Extremely raw and fast Black Metal with drummachine that makes the music remind a bit of the old norwegian band Mysticum. 80 8€
222 DAEMONLORD / LUX FERRE / MALLEUS / MORTINATUM Acerbus Mortis CD-split 80 8€
223 DAEMONLORD / SATANIZER 9 Bullets In The Face Of Christ CD-split On this split Daemonlord deliver 4 insanely fast and hateful black metal attacks. Daemonlords part on this CD is just as fast and brutal on their previous releases and their style fits perfectly to be released together with Satanizer. 80 8€
224 DARK FAITH Storm Of Hatred And Anger CD Fast intense and uncompromising Black Metal in the same vein as Marduk´s "Panzer Division Marduk" album but with some midtempo parts in the songs. This is their second album. 50 5€
1057 DEAD Hells Morbid Disciples Of Hate 2-CD Morbid and filthy Death Metal. This release feature the bands fullenght album “Gross Abnormalities” recorded in 2006. The recording is a true underground recording, primitive and rough. The music can be described as similar to Autopsy and Abscess. The release also feature a bonus CD called “Necrology” containing all the bands early recordings such as Musical Abortions demo 1986 , Raw Sewage demo 1988, Dead demo 1989 and live in Tampa, Florida. 120 12€
758 DEAD CONSPIRACY Gore Drenched Legacy CD 100 10€
807 DEAD TO THIS WORLD First Strike For Spiritual Renewance CD 100 10€
1328 DEATH STRIKE Fuckin` Death CD Re-issue of this classic Death Metal piece including bonus tracks, new photos and linernotes by Paul Speckmann. 100 10€
235 DEATHCRUSH Mutilating The Christian Faith CD 80 8€
879 DEATHLUST Deathlust mcd Crushing oldschool Death/Black Metal. Thrashing riffing, apocalyptic leads and solos, raw vocals and pounding drums. 5 songs and a Bestial Mockery cover. 60 6€
903 DEATHRONATION Exorchrism mcd Filthy and heavy Death Metal from Germany by former and current members of Repent and Total Hate. Exorchrism is the bands 2nd demo released on CD. Recommended if you like Kaamos, Necrovation, Dead Congregation, Nuclear Desecration etc. 60 6€
1327 DECOMPOSED Devouring CD The follow up to the 2012 debut by these Swedish Death Metal horde. For anyone that appreciate bands like Nihilist, Dismember etc. 100 10€
761 DEFLESHED Fast Forward CD Re-release with 3 bonus tracks. Intense and violent Death/Thrash Metal. 50 5€
1002 DEIPHAGO Satan Alpha Omega CD Extreme War Metal, chaotic fury of annihilation. The bands 3rd album. For fanatics that appreciate bands like Impiety, Goatvomit, Manticore etc. 100 10€
251 DELVE The Dead Amongst mcd 50 5€
1154 DEMILICH Nespithe CD 100 10€
877 DEMOGORGON Christ Is A Lie CD Bestial Death Metal, fast and brutal. 9 songs of hateful and crushing hymns. None of the songs are more than 3 min. in length, the entire album is just over 20 min. but it´s raw and brutal. 70 7€
253 DEMONCY Joined In Darkness CD Slow and very dark Black Metal. 2nd fullength. 80 8€
1020 DENOUNCEMENT PYRE Almighty Arcanum CD Australian Death/Black Metal. The bands 2nd album is morbid lyrics, searing guitars and great abyssic rythm throughout the whole album. Since their debut they´ve slowed down on some songs, concentrating more on evil filthy atmosphere but still brutal. An awesome album! 100 10€
990 DEPRAVITY Silence Of The Centuries CD Finnish Death Metal from the early ´90s. Re-release containing all the bands material such as their 2 Ep:s and 3 demos, a total of 23 tracks. 100 10€
258 DESASTER Divine Blasphemies CD 100 10€
259 DESASTER Angelwhore CD 100 10€
256 DESASTER A Touch Of Medieval Darkness CD 80 8€
869 DESECRATOR Subconscious Release CD Re-release of this classic Death Metal album, originally released in ´91 in a very limited amount. This is some brutal, catchy and primitive oldschool UK death metal. The production is simple and clear in an honest way and heavy as fuck. The vocals crush! This release also include their ´92 demo that they released under the name of Consumed. Definitely a must have for fans of the 1st Paradise lost album, early Evoke, Sempiternal Deathreign, Gomorrah etc. 100 10€
989 DESOLATE SHRINE The Sanctum Of Human Darkness CD Great darkened Death Metal. The bands 2nd album. Definitely worth checking out if you´re into bands like Necros Christos, Funebrarum etc. 100 10€
1155 DESTROYER 666 To The Devil His Due CD 100 10€
265 DEVASTATOR Nuclear Proliferation CD American primitive Black Metal in a thrashing way, shredding riffing and simple drumming in a straight simple evil way. 80 8€
847 DEVIANT Apathyphus minidisc Swedish brutal Death Metal. 3 songs plus a cover of Nasum. 40 4€
274 DIECOLD Rest In Hell CD Thrashing oldschool Black Metal from Hungary. Band formed by members of the more established band Dusk. 80 8€
1156 DIOCLETIAN / WEREGOAT Disciples Of War CD-split 80 8€
1284 DIRE OMEN Wresting The Revelation Of Futility CD slimdigipack 100 10€
275 DISASTROUS MURMUR Marinate Your Meat CD 80 8€
276 DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY Prelude To Apocalypse CD 80 8€
278 DISINTER Desecrated CD 80 8€
1158 DISSECT Swallow Swouming Mass 2-CD 120 12€
281 DISSENTER Bloodlust & Blasphemy CD Heavy and brutal Polish Death Metal similar to Hate, Decapitated and Dies Irae but with a bit more american influences. 80 8€
1159 DOMINUS XUL To The Glory Of The Ancient Ones CD 100 10€
1259 DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN Down Among The Dead Men CD 100 10€
284 DOWNLORD Random Dictionary Of The Damned CD 80 8€
850 DRAWN AND QUARTERED Feeding Hell´s Furnace CD Death Metal, dark and evil in the vein of early Immolation, Incantation and similar. This is their 6th fullenght album. Features members of Plague Bearer, Funebrarum, Krohm etc. 100 10€
288 DRIPPING Bring The Suffering CD 80 8€
857 DROWNED Viscera Terrae mcd Holocaustic and dark Death Metal from Germany. This is a re-release of their 2008 demo onto CD. Featuring members of Essenz and Necros Christos. 60 6€
843 DROWNING THE LIGHT Oceans Of Eternity CD Dark, raw and misanthropic Black Metal from Australia. Their 12th!!! fullenght album. Features members from Eternum and Nazxul. 100 10€
870 EBOLA Hell´s Death Metal CD The second album from these guys. Heavy oldschool Death Metal from Poland. Awesome stuff, definitely recommended if you like bands like Kaamos, Grave Miasma, Dead Congregation and oldschool Scandinavian death metal. 11 tracks of crushing disease! 100 10€
291 ELITE Kampen CD Norwgian raw oldschool Black Metal, the sound reminds a bit of Burzum aprt from that it can be compared to bands such as Taake, Hades or early Darkthrone. 80 8€
1015 EMBALMED Exalt The Imperial Beast CD Extremely brutal Black/Death Metal or War Metal so to speak. Bonecrushing and satanic mayhem from start to finish and really brutal and suffering vocals like Martin Van Drunen but more filthy. For fans of Morbosidad, Revenge, Blasphemy, Impiety and other similar great bands. The “Exalt The Imperial Beast” is the bands fullenght debut. The album clocks in to 25 min but it´s definitely enough to bash your brains out. Total WarSatanicMetal! 100 10€
1273 EMBRACE OF THORNS / MAVETH A Plague Through The Heavens CD-split 100 10€
882 EMBRIONAL Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors CD Fast and totally aggressive Death Metal. Featuring members and ex. Members of Throneum, Besatt, Nocturnal and Vociferous. Skillfull musicianship and 11 tracks of utterly mayhem. Recommendable if you like Monstrosity, early Hate Eternal and similar. 80 8€
297 EMINENZ Death Fall CD Black/Death Metal. Compilation of the bands 2 first demos originally released in 1990 and 1991. 50 5€
298 EMPALIGON Black Dominated Annihilation CD Intense and fast Black Metal with a sound that reminds alot of the Scandinavian mid. 90s fast black metal bands. This is stonecold sheer brutality all through with lots of speed and massive soundscapes in the background of the shredding guitars. Originally released in 1999 this is the re-release by 2003 with new coverartwork. Empaligon released one album only before disbanded, the members went on to other bands such as Krieg, Wolfthorn, Seeds Of Hate etc. 80 8€
934 EMPEROR Emperor / Wrath Of The Tyrant CD Re-release of their classic selftitled mcd and the “Wrath Of The Tyrant” demo. 80 8€
299 EMPTINESS Guilty To Exist CD Black/Death Metal from Belgium. Featuring Enthroned members. First album, released in 2004. 80 8€
300 EMPTINESS Oblivion CD Black/Death Metal. Second album. 80 8€
303 END s/t CD Dark and fast Black Metal with a raw sound and a misanthropic feel. End is a greek band that has 3 fullenght albums behind them, this is the debutalbum. 80 8€
307 ENGORGE Cold Black Ejaculation CD 80 8€
1333 ENVIG Warmachine mcd Swedish Death Metal fueled with a dose of Punk. Bolt Thrower meets Driller Killer. The debut Ep. by Envig, featuring 7 tracks including a cover of Warcollapse. 60 6€
310 EQUINOX Journey Into Oblivion CD 100 10€
311 EQUINOX The Immortal Kind mcd 50 5€
763 EQUINOX Return To Mystery CD Black/Death Metal, the first album by this classic band featuring ex. members of Incubus, Acheron and Diabolic. 100 10€
1160 ERED Goatworshipping Metal CD 100 10€
1326 ERUCTATION The Fumes Of Putrefaction (1992 - 1995) CD Swedish oldschool Death Metal that differs to the usual Gbg and Stockholm sound. And the vocals are more in the vein of Cancer and Malevolent Creation. Compilation of all the material the band ever recorded in the first half of the 90s. 100 10€
314 ESTUARY To Exist And Endure CD 80 8€
313 ESTUARY OF CALAMITY The Sentencing CD 80 8€
319 EVIL DAMN / TOXIC HOLOCAUST / CHAINSAW KILLER Blasphemy, Mayhem & War CD-split 80 8€
1161 EXMORTIS Resurrection… Book Of The Dead mcd 60 6€
331 EXTINCTION The Black Hex mcd Very raw and extremely dark UK black metal. 40 4€
333 FACE OF EVIL s/t CD 80 8€
1075 FATHER BEFOULED Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace CD Dark and brutal Death Metal similar to early Incantation. The band´s 3rd album. 100 10€
1291 FERETRUM From Far Beyond CD Oldschool Death Metal. One of Spain´s early death metal bands. This is a re-release of their debut from 1992 that was only released on cassette and nearly impossible to find. Remastered, new artwork and liner notes. A death metal gem finally properly released by Memento Mori Records 100 10€
342 FLESH Worship The Soul Of Disgust CD Swedish oldschool Death Metal. 80 8€
347 FOSCOR The Smile Of The Sad Ones CD 80 8€
71 FROM BEYOND Endtime CD Really heavy Doom/Death Metal with brutal vocals. This band has been going for awhile now and this is their third fullength album. This is for people that care for bands as Iron Monkey, Winter, old Cathedral etc. This album includes 7 songs plus 7 bonus tracks. 80 8€
966 FROM THE DEPTHS Elysium CD Death/Black Metal with some melodic elements. Elysium was the bands 2nd and last album before they split up. The band featured ex. Nunslaughter and Soulless members. 80 8€
1162 FRONT BEAST Demon Ways Of Sorcery CD 100 10€
349 FRONT BEAST Black Spells Of The Damned CD 80 8€
350 FRONT BEAST / MEPHISTO In League With Evil Metal CD-split 80 8€
351 FROSTMOON ECLIPSE Another Face Of Hell CD Established band from the more harsh school of Black Metal. This is their 4th fullength album. A band that features members from Macabre Omen and Tundra. 80 8€
988 FULMINATION Humanity´s Dirge 2-CD Classical Swedish Death Metal. A compilation featuring all the bands material recorded between 1992 – 1994. Featuring members of Uncanny and Interment. 120 12€
353 FUNEBRARUM / INTERMENT Conjuration Of The Sepulchral CD-split 100 10€
354 FUNERAL FOG Under The Black Veil CD 80 8€
1287 FUNEST Desecrating Obscurity CD Italian oldschool Death Metal. 100 10€
1054 GENERICHRIST Mindumpster mcd Oldschool Death/Thrash Metal. Heavy moshing riffing, guitarsolos, ferocious doomsday drumming and vocals full of wrath. For fans of Florida-death metal like Lowbrow, Resurrection, Catastrophic, Obituary. 60 6€
1053 GENERICHRIST Strangulation Of A Twisted Mind mcd Death/Thrash Metal from Florida, US. Midtempo but very energetic and furious thrashing death metal with hateful screaming vocals like a mix of the vocal styles of Soulless, Dekaptitator and early Ressurrection. Feat. Massacre member. 60 6€
359 GESTAPO 666 Nostalgiah CD Primitive and raw Black Metal in a simple way, like Darkthrones most primitive songs with catchy riffing. The album varies between slow and faster songs. Sometimes with really bizarre cracked guitarplaying and sloppy drums as it is meant to be for a recording like this. 80 8€
360 GLORIA DIABOLI Gate To Sheol CD Canadian Black Metal with their roots in the Ross Bay Cult and qualitative mayhem like Blasphemy, Axis Of Advance etc. Gloria Diaboli are playing rather straight, raw and brutal black metal, just pure hate and no crap! This is the CD version released by THR, with 7 songs and total playing time of over 30 min. 80 8€
363 GOATLORD The Last Sodomy Of Mary CD The classic Death/Doom Metal band from USA. This compilation features demorecordings of unreleased songs that apparently was suppose to be their 2nd album before they split up. Released by Nuclear War Now. 80 8€
1293 GODDEFIED Inhumation Of Shreds CD 100 10€
369 GODÜS Hell Fuck Demon Sound CD 80 8€
1163 GOREAPHOBIA Apocalyptic Necromancy CD 80 8€
841 GORGOROTH Bergen 1996 cds Re-release of the The Last Tormentor 7" with new artwork. 40 4€
1041 GORMENGHAST Resist To Serve CD Death Metal. Midtempo and brutal death metal from Russia with some American Florida influences. Fat and brutal production, 13 tracks of hammer smashing violence for 38 min. 80 8€
371 GOTTLOS Infernal Pandemonio CD Raw Black Metal by members from Maniac Butcher, Tundra, Eschaton etc. Rather simple and straight forward oldschool Black Metal with an evil and clear sound, great and honest sound by the drums. Recommendable if you appreciate black metal like old Hades, Taake, Horna, Rotting Christ and so on. 80 8€
859 GRAVE MIASMA Realm Of Evoked Doom mcd 60 6€
1072 GRAVEHILL When All Roads Lead To Hell CD Black/Death/Thrash Metal. Gravehill´s 2nd album. 9 tracks of gruesome thrashing deathworshipping. 100 10€
1033 GRAVEWÜRM Infernal Minions CD Thrashing Black Metal. Midtempo oldschool raw metal with abyssic vocals. The bands 9th fullenght album. 100 10€
765 GRENADE The Howling Damned CD 100 10€
1164 HARVIST Lightning Storm In The Veins CD 80 8€
379 HAVOHEJ Dethrone The Son Of God CD 80 8€
381 HELCARAXE Triumph And Revenge CD The debut album by this american band. This is lowtuned and heavy Death Metal, reminding at times about Bolt Thrower, mixed with some melodic parts in the Gothenburg death metal style. The whole concept of the album is based on Scandinavian mythology. In shorter words heavy american death metal with scandinavian influences. 80 8€
382 HELL-BORN Legacy Of The Nephilim CD Blackened Death/Thrash Metal with clean production. Feat. members and ex. members of Damnation and Behemoth. 80 8€
1165 HELLVETRON Death Of Seven Hells And Its Infernal... CD digi 100 10€
389 HEPTAMERON Grand Master Of The Final Harvest CD Brutal and evil sounding oldschool Black Metal. In similar style as the early Greek and mid European bands such as Varathron, Rotting Christ and especially early Samael. This is good stuff if you´re into that style of Black Metal. 80 8€
390 HERESI Psalm I mcd 50 5€
391 HERESI Psalm II - Infusco Ignis CD 80 8€
397 HIMINBJORG Haunted Shores CD digipack 80 8€
861 HORDES OF DECAY The Kings Will Be Ready CD Thrash/Black Metal from Greece. Their first album. Featuring members from Profane Prayer and Thou Art Lord. 80 8€
403 HORRID Rising From The Hidden Spheres CD 80 8€
1294 HORRIFIED Descent Into Putridity CD UK Death Metal. 100 10€
405 HYPERION Through Centuries mcd Death Metal with alot of heaviness, brutality and catchy riffing mixed with some atmospheric parts and nice guitarsolos. Hyperion´s type of death metal is comparable with Monstrosity, early Vital Remains but with some spooky keyboardparts like early Nocturnus. 50 5€
1166 IMPETUOUS RAGE Inverted Redemption 2-CD 120 12€
1167 IMPIETY Formidonis Nex Cultus CD digi 100 10€
1169 IMPIOUS BAPTISM Wrath Of The Apex Predator CD 100 10€
1231 IMPRECATION Satanae Tenebris Infinita CD 100 10€
409 IMPURITY Unearthly Affinity mcd 50 5€
820 IN AETERNUM No Salvation mcd 60 6€
411 IN AETERNUM Curse Of Devastation mcd digipack 50 5€
819 IN AETERNUM Dawn Of A New Aeon CD 100 10€
1170 INCANTATION Blasphemous Cremation CD 80 8€
416 INCARNATUS Sinfonia De Hades CD 80 8€
1318 INFAMOVS Under The Seals Of Death CD Chilean dark and evil Death Metal. 100 10€
419 INFERNAL The Infernal Compendium CD Black Metal from Colombia. This is intense brutal and wellplayed. This release consist of their first 2 fullenght albums on one CD. 80 8€
420 INFERNAL DOMINION / OPHIOLATRY Misanchristianthropy CD-split Internal Bleeding deliver some furious satanic Death Metal in the classic vein of american bands like early Internal Bleeding, Suffocation and Broken Hope. The other band, Ophiolatry, on this split deliver some real hateful death attacks reminding of earl 50 5€
883 INFIDEL Eviscerate Yourself mcd Fast and brutal Black Metal. 5 songs of crushing mayhem. Reminds a bit of Belphegor at times. Limited to 999 copies, all handnumbered. 50 5€
1189 INFUNERAL Sepulchral Monument & T-Shirt CD & T-Shirt Swedish raw and unorthodox Black Metal. Their debut album released in 2007. 100 10€
424 INFUNERAL Sepulchral Monument CD Swedish Black Metal, Stockholm sound. Their debut album released in 2007. 80 8€
428 INTERMENT / FUNEBRARUM Conjuration Of The Sepulchral CD-split 100 10€
429 ISHTAR Krig CD 80 8€
431 IXXI s/t CD Swedish Black Metal with a rather cool "rispy" sound and an industrial feel. This is their debut album, released in 2007. The band featured some members from Ondskapt, Lifelover etc. 80 8€
435 JUDAS ISCARIOT tribute to To The Triumph Of Evil CD 80 8€
438 KATATONIA tribute to December Songs 2-CD Forgotten Tomb, Xasthur, Farsot, Wyrd, Dark Fortress etc. 100 10€
440 KAWIR Epoptia CD Greek Black Metal by people from the band Zemial among others. Strictly limited in 150 handnumbered copies. 80 8€
1234 KETZER Satan´s Boundaries Unchained CD digi Reissue digipack version. German Black/Thrash Metal. 100 10€
443 KOLDBORN The Devil Of All Deals mcd 50 5€
444 KORADES Acoustic Warfare CD digipack 50 5€
447 KREATOR tribute to Under The Guillotine CD 13 thrashing covers by Headhunter DC, Krabathor, Sanctorum, Aurora Borealis, Deceased, The Chasm, Ritual Carnage, Nokturne, Legion(usa), Mörk Gryning, Diabolic, From The Depths & Abigor. 100 10€
1331 KRHOMADEATH Grating Into Corpse CD Re-release of this french Death Metal album originally released in ´94. Now with 2 bonus tracks and a new awesome cover. Band logo and tittle embossed in the jewel case with silver ink. 100 10€
448 KRIEG The Church mcd 50 5€
1172 KRIEG The Black House CD 100 10€
1171 KRIEG Destruction Ritual CD 100 10€
450 KROHM Crown Of The Ancients mcd 50 5€
996 KRYPTS Unending Degradation CD Very dark Death Metal from the deepest abyss. A soundtrack of eternal darkness grasping what is left of your disgusting life. For fans of Funebrarum, Abhorrence(fin) etc. 100 10€
967 KULT OV AZAZEL Oculus Infernum CD Blasphemous Black Metal from the States. The bands 3rd album. 80 8€
801 LEGION the Revocation CD Fast and intense Black Metal by former members of Marduk, Nominon and more. This is their 2nd album. 80 8€
802 LEGION the Unseen To Creation CD Fast, brutal and wellplayed Black Metal. Their debut album. Featuring former members of Nominon and Marduk. 80 8€
1298 LEPROSY Death To This World CD & DVD digipack Swedish Death/Thrash Metal from the late ´80s and early ´90s. A compilation featuring all material the band ever recorded ("Death To This World" - Demo '88, "Full Of Hate" - Demo '90 and "Live In Basement" - Reh. Demo '90), a total of 17 tracks as well as a bonus DVD featuring 2 gigs from 1988 and 1989 in Bamberg and Ludwigsburg, Germany. Includes a 24 pages booklet with old photos, info and liner-notes. 140 14€
775 LOBOTOMY Kill CD 50 5€
1174 LORD BELIAL Angelgrinder CD 80 8€
1330 LORN Towards The Abyss Of Disease CD Black Metal from Italy that stands out. 100 10€
463 LUCIFUGUM Involtation CD 80 8€
1175 LUCIFYRE Sun Eater CD 100 10€
471 LUST / ANAEL Split CD-split 50 5€
473 LUX FERRE / MALLEUS / MORTINATUM / DAEMONLORD Acerbus Mortis CD-split 80 8€
481 MALLEUS / MORTINATUM / DAEMONLORD / LUX FERRE Acerbus Mortis CD-split 80 8€
1074 MANGLED TORSOS Drawings Of The Dead CD Pure Death Metal by these germans. “Drawing Of The Dead” was their first album originally released in 1994. This is a re-release featuring the 1993 7” Ep “Anatomia Reformata” as bonus tracks. Oldschool death metal with guttural vocals. 100 10€
1329 MANTAK Polymorphous Perversion CD Malaysian Thrash/Black Metal. Re-release by Old Cemetery records (limited to 1000 copies) with different artwork with the addition of bonus tracks taken from "Dark Borneo Art" Ep. 100 10€
483 MANTICORE For Rats And Plague CD Fantastic album if you´re into dark and raw Death Metal. People say they are a mix of Black and Death Metal, I say no. This is awesome an brutal Death Metal that should interest everyone into bands like Incantation, Sadistic Intent, early Immolation, Kaamos etc. 80 8€
1049 MARDUK Funeral Marches And Warsongs DVD Live DVD featuring materials taken from France, Poland and Germany. Also featuring 2 official videos. 100 10€
485 MARTIRE / THRONEUM United In Hell CD-split 100 10€
489 MATHYR Mandraenken CD 80 8€
993 MAVETH Coils Of The Black Earth CD Death Metal, dark brutal and apocalyptic. Finnish death metal with some resemblence to Immolation and great finnish bands like Abhorrence(fin), Mordicus, Demilich, Convulse etc. 100 10€
1274 MAVETH / EMBRACE OF THORNS A Plague Through The Heavens CD 100 10€
1177 MAZE OF TORMENT Hammers Of Mayhem CD 80 8€
1179 MAZE OF TORMENT Hidden Cruelty CD 80 8€
887 MEGA SLAUGHTER Calls From The Beyond & The Demos 2-CD digipack in box Swedish cult Death Metal! Their fullenght album originally released in 1991 and all their demos now properly re-released for the first time. Come in a cardboard box that contain a 2 CD digipack, a 44 page booklet featuring the entire story of the band and lots of pictures, photos, flyers etc. Also comes with a patch and a small poster of the new cover, based on the old one, made by Joe Petagno(Motörhead, Marduk, Angelcorpse). 150 15€
1180 MEMORIAL Enter My Megaron CD 80 8€
845 MENEGROTH Gazourmah CD Black Metal from Switzerland. The sound is generally traditional Black Metal with some thrashing riffing and german vocals dealing with militaristic, elitistic and futuristic topics. 100 10€
496 MEPHISTO Metal Of Death CD 80 8€
497 MEPHISTO / FRONT BEAST In League With Evil Metal CD-split 80 8€
501 MERCILESS CRUCIFIXION Aipesis mcd 50 5€
503 MESMERIZED Coronation CD Black/Death Metal from poland. The bands debut album released in 2005. 50 5€
1181 MONGREL´S CROSS The Sins Of Aquarius CD 100 10€
979 MORBID FLESH Reborn In Death CD Oldschool Death Metal from Spain, featuring memb. from Graveyard and Insulters. Devastating sounds of quality filth. This is their first fullength album released in 2011 also containing their entire Dying Lapidation demo of 5 songs. 80 8€
1295 MORBIDITY Revealed From Ashes CD Great oldschool Death Metal, energetic thrashing songs of pure Death. Outstanding debut by this band from such a very unsuspecting place as Bangladesh. For fans of Repugnant, Interment and similar. 100 10€
1289 MORBO Addiction To Musickal Dissection CD Death Metal. 100 10€
514 MORBOSIDAD Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno CD Their fantastic 3rd album. Intense and violent Death/War Metal. Total mayhem ´til the end. 80 8€
513 MORBOSIDAD Morbosidad / Cojete A Dios Por El Culo CD 80 8€
1073 MORGION God Of Death & Disease CD Early material with Morgion, feature remixed versions of the bands first demo, originally released in 1991, their next 1992 reh. demo and the “Travesty” Ep. originally released in 1993. Morgion are mostly known for their Gothic Doom/Death Metal albums but as this release shows they were not very doomy in the beginning. This is dark and brutal death metal like Immortal Fate, Sadistic Intent, early Immolation etc. Great stuff! 100 10€
1182 MORGOTH The Best Of Morgoth 1987-1997 2-CD One of Germany´s finest Death Metal bands. Compilation featuring tracks of all the ep.s and 3 fullenght albums. Disc two featuring early demos and video tracks. 100 10€
1275 MORGUE Eroded Thoughts CD 100 10€
517 MORT The Denial Of Christ CD Brutal Black Metal with some remindings of death metal structure aswell as fast black metal parts mixed with slower heavier parts that reminds of Celtic Frost. 50 5€
519 MORTINATUM / DAEMONLORD / LUX FERRE / MALLEUS Acerbus Mortis CD-split 80 8€
1237 MÖRK GRYNING Mörk Gryning CD digi 50 5€
959 NAER MATARON Skotos Aenaon CD Black Metal from Greece. For fans of Marduk, Dark Funeral etc. 80 8€
530 NAPALM DEATH Leaders Not Followers mcd 40 4€
1190 NAPALM DEATH Punishment In Capitals CD Live album. 50 5€
534 NECROPHAGIA Season Of The Dead 2-CD Re-release of their classic first album originally released in 1987. Considered as one of the first Gore Death Metal bands. This reissue comes with a bonus disc featuring unreleased 7" and demos. 100 10€
1183 NECROPHILE Mementos In The Misting Woods CD Early Death Metal from Japan. Compilation of tracks taken from 7 inch EP '92 "Dissociated Modernity", compilation CD '91 "Weird Tales of Madness", Demo #2 '89 "Beyond the Truth", Demo #1 '88 "The Terminal Derangement" and a live recording at Waters Club, Los Angeles ´91 80 8€
535 NECROPLASMA Gospels Of The Antichristian Terror CD 80 8€
1240 NECROPSY Psychopath Next Door mcd 60 6€
1043 NECROVEN Worship Of Humiliation CD Oldschool Death Metal, heavy midtempo brutality. Like a mix of Bolt Thrower, early Incantation and Grave. 100 10€
1325 NECROVEN Primordial Subjugation CD Oldschool and dark Death Metal. The bands 2nd album. 100 10€
1241 NEKROFILTH Devil´s Breath CD 100 10€
806 NEPENTE Atonements CD 100 10€
1242 NOCTURNAL GRAVES From The Bloodline Of Cain CD 100 10€
542 NOKTURNE Curse Of Nazarene mcd digipack 50 5€
893 NOMINON The Cleansing CD digi 100 10€
889 NOMINON Recremation CD The second album from Nominon. More straight and brutal than the first album. Death Metal with no compromises. 100 10€
888 NOMINON Diabolical Bloodshed CD Re-release of the bands first album. Dark and evil swedish Death Metal. 100 10€
890 NOMINON Terra Necrosis CD Third album, dark and brutal Swedish Death Metal as it should be. 100 10€
891 NOMINON Omen mcd The appetizer for "Monumentomb". Featuring 2 new songs(one of them also featured on Monumentomb), a re-recording of an old song and one live track. 50 5€
892 NOMINON Monumentomb CD The fourth album. Nominon keep on going against the grain, getting more filthy, disgusting and death metal of utter decay. This album feature lead vocals by Erik Sahlström(Crucifyre, General Surgery, ex.Serpent Obscene etc.), Tore Stjerna(Necromorbus, ex.Funeral Mist etc.) and Johan Thornberg(ex. Insision) 100 10€
881 NORTH Czekajac Na Sztorm CD Relentless and crushing Death/Black Metal. The bands 5th album, pounding like an medieval warmachine with no mercy whatsoever. 9 songs of raw metal and vocals in Polish dedicating the Slavonic medieval knights and battles of ancient times. 100 10€
973 NUNSLAUGHTER Hells Unholy Fire 2-CD Re-release of this classical debut album by Nunslaughter. Filthy satanic Death Metal. This re-release also come with a bonus CD featuring a liverecording from 1999, featuring all their early hits live. 100 10€
1243 NUNSLAUGHTER Demoslaughter 2-CD Fullpacked 2-CD compilation of pure evil sadistic death metal. CD 1 contain the band´s all classic demos from ´87-´98. CD 2 contains various rehearsals and outakes aswell as a demo with pre. Nunslaughter band Death Sentence. 120 12€
554 OBEISANCE Lucifer Master CD 80 8€
555 OBITUARY Left To Die mcd 50 5€
1008 OBSCENE EULOGY A Portal Into Fire mcd Canadian fast Black Metal with death metal influences. Vocals is done by Mika of Impaled Nazarene. This release is the bands first demo with an added intro, re-released as an mcd. 50 5€
558 OBSKURE TORTURE Necro Rituals mcd 40 4€
559 OCCIDENS Glorification Of The Antichrist CD 80 8€
561 OCULTAN Profanation CD 80 8€
905 OFFICIUM TRISTE / OPHIS Immersed CD-split OFFICIUM TRISTE Erie dark Doom/Death Metal from the Netherlands, very similar to My Dying Bride, lots of anxiety and angst. OPHIS Rather heavy and very dark Doom/Death Metal. Its slow, souldevouring…no hope for life. 80 8€
562 OLD WAINDS Death, Nord, Kult CD 100 10€
1244 ONIROPHAGUS Prehuman CD 100 10€
1324 ONIROPHAGUS Defiler Of Hope mcd Doomy and filthy Death Metal from Spain. 60 6€
564 OPHIOLATRY / INFERNAL DOMINION Split CD-split Uncompromising and furious Death Metal. Short and hateful musical attacks in a raging speed. Some similarities to early Krisiun and Rebaelliun. The other part on this split is Infernal Dominion that deliver some brutal Death Metal in the american genre. T 50 5€
907 OPHIS / OFFICIUM TRISTE Immersed CD-split OPHIS Rather heavy and very dark Doom/Death Metal. Its slow, souldevouring…no hope for life. OFFICIUM TRISTE Erie dark Doom/Death Metal from the Netherlands, very similar to My Dying Bride, lots of anxiety and angst. 80 8€
821 ORDER OF ENNEAD An Examination Of Being CD 80 8€
566 ORNIAS Death Bringer CD 50 5€
568 PAGAN HELLFIRE The Will Of Night CD Canadian raw and brutal Black Metal in the old way. Brutal songs that doesn´t have to be played fast to be good. The 3rd album. 100 10€
1048 PANTHEON I Worlds I Create CD Black Metal with some death metal influences and epic inputs. The album has an overall massive sound and gets a darker feeling with incorporation of a celloplayer in the background. Dark black metal with technical skills and fast parts. 100 10€
1184 PAROXSIHZEM Paroxsihzem CD 100 10€
878 PATHOGEN Forged In The Crucible Of Death CD Oldschool Death Metal from the Philippines, the bands 3rd album. Some resemblance to early American bands such as Accidental Suicide, Morpheus Descends but also these days European oldschool death metal bands. Filthy, brutal and totally dedicated to death. 100 10€
1185 PENTAGRAM CHILE The Malefice 2-CD digipack 130 13€
579 PERISYNTI Hiilenmusta Lammas CD Black Metal from Finland. Quite raw and dirty with midtempo parts and some melodic catchy riffing. After a few demos and a 7" this is their debut album. 50 5€
1192 PERVERSOR Demon Metal mcd 60 6€
1191 PERVERSOR The Shadow Of Abomination mcd 60 6€
1063 PEST Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of Belial CD Oldschool Black Metal from Finland. CD featuring all the bands material previously released as demos and Ep:s. 100 10€
902 PLAGUE WARHEAD Whores Of Lucifer mcd digi Thrashing Death Metal from Sweden. New band by former members of Edge Of Sanity, Allegiance, Pan-Thy-Monium, Darkified etc. This is their first 4 song ep. Released on Godeater Records. 50 5€
586 POGROM 1147 Black Metal Complete CD Raw, brutal, hateful and unpolished Black Metal from Poland. This is total hate! For fans of Krieg, Kriegsmachine, Szron etc. 80 8€
783 POSSESSED tribute to Seven Gates Of Horror CD digi Features: Sadistic Intent, Impious, Cannibal Corpse, Pentacle, Vader, Diabolic, God Dethroned, Absu, Sinister, Angelcorpse, Krabathor, Houwitzer and Amon Amarth. 60 6€
1187 PROFANATICA Thy Kingdom Cum CD 100 10€
1186 PROFANATICA Disgusting Blasphemies Against God CD 100 10€
589 PROFANATICA The Enemy Of Virtue 2-DVD 100 10€
588 PROFANATICA Profanatitas De Domonatia CD 80 8€
591 PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM Extreme Violent Art CD Speedy and brutal Black Metal. A oneman band by Nocturn that can also be found in the death metal band Voice Of Hate. Brutal black metal with some minor parts reminding of Emperor´s "In the nightside eclipse" album. 100 10€
846 PUREST Renascence CD Black Metal in midpaced tempo and heavy harsh riffing. Shortlived band that only released 1 fullength, by members who has also been involved in Empaligon, Wolfthorn, Dunkelgrafen etc. 80 8€
1245 PURTENANCE Awaken From Slumber CD 100 10€
1248 RAVENCULT Morbid Blood CD 100 10€
964 RESURRECTED Faireless To The Flesh CD The second album from this band. Brutal death/grind. Re-release with new cover. 60 6€
963 RESURRECTED Raping Whores CD Brutal Death Metal from Germany. This is the bands debut album originally released in 1998, re-released by Perverted Taste Records. 60 6€
597 REVELATION OF DOOM Shemhamforash CD 100 10€
1016 REVENGE Victory. Intolerance. Mastery CD War Metal in its most extreme, total annihilation! The 2nd album by these Canadians backed up with Pete Helmkamp of Order From Chaos and Angelcorpse. 100 10€
1249 RITUAL NECROMANCY Oath Of The Abyss CD digi 100 10€
1250 ROTTREVORE Hung By The Eyesockets mcd 50 5€
773 RUTTHNA Doomsdaylight CD digi Swedish oldschool Black Metal in the vein of early Darkthrone with some epic athmosphere. Featuring Thyrfing member. 50 5€
606 SABBAT Evoke CD 80 8€
880 SAD Abandoned And Forgotten CD The bands 4th fullength. Agonizing classic unpure Black Metal, dark melodies and gloomy vocals,5 songs of considerable length and a Radiohead cover, total of 50 min. of abyssic darkness. 80 8€
611 SAD A Curse In Disguise CD Oldschool misanthropic Black Metal with "rotten" riffing like early Darkthrone and Hades. Some fast parts with changes into more heavy punsch in your face riffing. 50 5€
970 SAMAEL Blood Ritual CD A classic Black Metal masterpiece from 1992, now re-released. Midpaced chilling and total evil black metal. 80 8€
616 SANCTIFIER Awaked By Impurity Rites CD 80 8€
1006 SANGUIS IMPEREM In Glory We March Towards Our Doom CD Death Metal from the States. Heavy death metal with tempochanges between slower heavy parts and brutal fast assaults. Sounds a bit like the new slower Incantation at times. 100 10€
619 SARGATANAS Knights Of The Southern Cross CD 80 8€
803 SARGATANAS REIGN Bloodwork: Techniques Of Torture CD Wellplayed Death Metal with lots of anxiety and suicidal messages. This is their 2nd fullenght album. Features members from Nefandus, Nominon etc. 80 8€
1037 SATANIC BLOODSPRAYING At The Mercy Of Satan CD Punkish Black Metal. This is the first album by these Bolivian Impaled Nazarene worshippers. The vocals sounds just like Mika´s(Impaled Nazarene) vocals and the music goes just like the unrelenting forces of mayhem as on Impaled Nazarene´s masterly Latex Cult and Rapture albums but there are also a lot of similarities to the Suomi Finland Perkele album. This is a great album but unfortunately not Impaled Nazarene, if you don´t have a problem with a South American I.N. or you need more than I.N. has put out recently, this is definitely recommendable. 100 10€
782 SATANIZER / DAEMONLORD 9 Bullets In The Face Of Christ CD-split Satanizer deliver aggressive and speedy Black Metal, nothing new really but they do it well and they do it rather hateful just like their splitmates Daemonlord on this split CD. 80 8€
628 SCENT OF DEATH Woven In The Book Of Hate CD Brutal Death Metal with alot of darkness similar to Immolation but also some technical intense stuff like Hate Eternal and Internecine. 50 5€
629 SCHATTENDASEIN / ANIMUS Glemt Vissen Död CD-split German midtempo Black Metal focusing on a dark mood, miserable riffing, disgusting and punishing vocals with angry german lyrics. The other part of this CD features Animus wich is a black metal band formed by the guys from the Death/Grind band Depression. 40 4€
630 SCORCHED Forever Dying Sun CD 80 8€
632 SEEKING OBSCURE / UNBURIED Split CD CD-split 80 8€
633 SEMARGL Satanogenesis CD 80 8€
1281 SEMPITERNAL DUSK Sempiternal Dusk CD 100 10€
834 SENTENCED North From Here CD The 2nd album by these finnish veterans. Their first album will forever be a classic death metal album. The North From Here album is a bit more technical than the first but still just as heavy and brutal. The vocals are more black metal like on this one aswell. A fantastic album that together with the first one always will be a death metal classic from the early 90s. 80 8€
817 SERPENT OBSCENE Chaos Reign Supreme CD Really fast and intense Death/Thrash Metal, this is all violence and hate. Their 3rd and last album before they split up. This band featured members of Kaamos, General Surgery, Maze Of Torment and more. Definitely an underrated band, most recommended for people into Destroyer 666, Sadus, Razor Of Occam etc. 50 5€
924 SETHERIAL Endtime Divine CD Swedish Black Metal. Their fourth album of extreme, brutal and speeded black metal, these guys are definitely no newcomers by now. For fans of Marduk, In Aeternum, Dark Funeral, Naglfar etc. 50 5€
818 SEVERANCE What Lies Ahead... CD 80 8€
898 SHADOW OF THE TORTURER Marching Into Chaos CD Very dark Doom Metal with death metal influences and some really gruesome abyssic and raw vocals. This is a soundtrack to asphyxiating darkness. This is a re-recording of their first album with 2 new songs, one of them being a Black Sabbath cover. Limited release of 500 copies. 100 10€
639 SIGRBLOT Blodsband (Blood Religion Manifest) CD 100 10€
771 SLAGMAUR Svin mcd digi The bands first demo, re-released by Black Hate Productions in May 2007. Comes in a limited edition of 1,000 copies, featuring a six-panel digipack and an eight-page color booklet, with Norwegian artist Robert Høyem having produced all the artwork. 60 6€
1046 SOLOTHUS Summoned From The Void CD Dark Doom/Death Metal from Finland. Dark and brutal vocals accompanied by very heavy spinewrenching riffing and skullcrushing drums. For fans of Hooded Menace, Winter and similar. 100 10€
1251 SORCERY Unholy Creations 2-CD 120 12€
920 SOULSKINNER Non Stop Killing CD The second album from this Greek death metal horde. Veterans within the black metal genre in their other bands but clearly fully master the death metal genre aswell and Soulskinner is the proof. For fans of Malevolent Creation, Hateplow and similar. 80 8€
650 SOULSKINNER Breeding The Grotesque CD Death Metal from Greece by elite musicians known from Nergal, Thou Art Lord, Necromantia etc. Brutal death metal but one can at times hear some traces from their works in the Greek black metal scene. 80 8€
1285 SPINA BIFIDA Ziyadah CD 80 8€
652 STILLBORN Manifesto De Blasfemia CD 100 10€
654 STRID s/t mcd 50 5€
658 SUICIDAL WINDS Chaos Rising CD digipack 100 10€
662 SWORN Impious Beast Within mcd 50 5€
860 TEITANBLOOD Black Putrescence Of Evil CD Compilation including the bands first and only demo; Genocide Chants to Apolokian Dawn and their two split ep:s with Proclamation and Necros Christos. 100 10€
666 TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM Onori Funebri Rituali CD Dark and harsh Black Metal a bit similar to Hades(Almighty). Great black metal sound, cold and razorsharp, alot of reverb on the vocals that is sung in italian. They´ve released 3-4 fullentghs by now, this is their first album released in 2003. 100 10€
670 TERROR THRONE World On It´s Knees CD American primitive oldschool Death/Black Metal. Their 3rd album. 50 5€
969 THANATOS Undead, Unholy, Divine CD A powerful Death Metal album by these veterans of the dutch thrash/death scene. This is their 4th album. 80 8€
1283 THANTIFAXATH Sacred White Noise CD 100 10€
1282 THANTIFAXATH Thantifaxath mcd 50 5€
952 THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME s/t CD Ravaging Black Metal by John Gelso(Profanatica) and Imperial(Krieg, ex. Nachtmystium etc.) This unholy duo deliver some sinister black metal for all oldschool fans, it´s dark and brutal with some really evil vocals. 100 10€
1022 THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME II CD The second album of this unholy duo of Gelso(Profanatica) and Imperial(Krieg). Dark and brutal midtempo oldschool Black Metal. Not similar to the unique sound of Burzum but definitely similar in the way of songstructures at times. Simply great black metal! 100 10€
673 THE TRUE ENDLESS A Climb To Eternity CD 80 8€
1252 THEVETAT Disease To Divide mcd slipcase 40 4€
676 THORNSPAWN Blood Of The Holy, Taint Thy Steel CD 80 8€
678 THRONEUM / MARTIRE United In Hell CD-split 100 10€
683 TODESSTOSS Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen mcd Sick, twisted, miserable suicidal Black Metal with some electronic and ambient parts. This is a 2 song mcd with a total of 16 min. Todesstoss is a oneman band run by a guy called Martin Lang, also an actor, he has released alot of pitchblack anxiety black 40 4€
1042 TORMENTION Hunger For Flesh CD digi Death Metal. The debut album by Tormention, featuring members of Demonical. No compromises, just brutal and heavy death metal, thrashing riffing, tempochanges and face in the ground pounding drumming. 100 10€
687 TOTAL HATE Pure Hatred And Blasphemy mcd Brutal and hateful Black Metal. This is their first mcd released in 2005, it´s been followed up by a few fullength albums by now. 50 5€
1279 TRENCHROT Necronomic Warfare CD 100 10€
691 TUNDRA Ansia CD 80 8€
1253 UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN People Of The Monolith CD 100 10€
1280 UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath CD 100 10€
695 UNBURIED / SEEKING OBSCURE Split CD CD-split 80 8€
1254 URGRUND Disciples Of Supremacy CD 80 8€
704 USURPER Threshold Of The Usurper mcd Re-release of the bands classic mcd, now with more tracks. Also a new cover by Juha Vuorma(Autopsy, Darkified, Divine Sin etc.) and new linernotes/biography describing the entire recording. This is Black Metal the classic way, at times fast as hell and heavy as fuck,thrashing riffing. Said to have been the true ancestors of Celtic Frost. 50 5€
712 V/A Under The Banner Of Darkness CD Compilation released by Near Dark Productions in 1998. Bands: A Mind Confused, Midnight Sun, Without Grief, Azure, Cryptic Art, Pantheon, Funeral Mist, Nephenzy, Defleshed, Prophanity, Cromlech, Absurdum, Sorhin, Blot Mine, Ensemble Nocturne. 40 4€
713 V/A Hordes Of Darkness CD Compilation by Unexploded Records in 2003. Bands: Hyperborean, Disruption, Lord Belial, Funeris Nocturnum, Orkrist, Construcdead, Obscurant, Alghazant, My Own Grave, Bestial Mockery, Memoria, Cardiac Arrest, Elohim, Mideve, Monolith, Enthralled. 20 2€
711 V/A Burning Roots Vol.1 CD Compilation released in 2007. Bands: Infernal Rites, Knowhere, Unlight, Fairytale Abuse, Black Horizons, Dagor Dagorath, Mesmerized, Helsefyr, Bestial Mockery, Signs Of Darkness, Galar, Grom, Bustum, Verfall, Prayer Of The Dying, Sarcueil, Necro Cult. 20 2€
805 VADER Impressions In Blood CD 100 10€
896 VALGRIND Morning Will Come No More CD digi Fast and intense Death Metal with a wide and heavy production. Both sound and style can be compared to early Immolation, Monstrosity and early Malevolent Creation. 100 10€
1267 WAR We Are…Total War CD 80 8€
721 WARSCARS Killing Rate: Complete mcd Warscars debut ep. Fast and brutal grindcore with a really fat sound, similar to Nasum, Regurgitate, Sayyadina and Retaliation. The drummer used to play in the death metal band Aborted. 40 4€
1255 VASSAFOR Elegy Of The Archeonaut CD 100 10€
722 WELTBRAND Radiance Of A Thousand Suns CD Futuristic and cold Black Metal with speed. Their first album that was released in 2004. Featuring ex. Funeral Winds and Ordo Draconis members. 50 5€
724 VENOM tribute to In The Sign Of The Horns CD 15 morbid covers by Nokturne, Coffin Texts, Bloodstorm, Venereal Disease, Perverseraph, From The Depths, Evil Incarnate, Black Witchery, Diabolic, Ritual Carnage, Mörk Gryning, Anal Blast, Acheron, Noctuary & Morpheus Descends. 100 10€
1269 WEREGOAT Unholy Exaltation Of fullmoon Perversity mcd 60 6€
1157 WEREGOAT / DIOCLETIAN Disciples Of War CD-split 80 8€
1271 VERMINOUS Impious Sacrilege CD 100 10€
727 VICTIMIZER Rapid Thrashing Violence mcd 40 4€
1045 WINTERBLUT Grund: Gelenkkunst 2-CD Obscure and somewhat abstract Black Metal. Brutal and raw black metal mixed with strange stuff as Voivod would have done even the vocals are weird like Voivod. The sound is oldschool and discordant but with rather strange and innovative tempochanges and ideas. This is a re-release of the bands 2nd album, originally released in 2003. This output comes with an bonus CD with re-recordings of all the songs, this versions got more traditional black metal vocals. 100 10€
1272 WINTERWOLF Cycle Of The Werewolf CD 100 10€
954 WITHERED EARTH Of Wich They Bleed CD New York Death Metal, heavy and brutal with some minor thrash influences here and there. 80 8€
737 WOLFSLAIR Odin CD digipack 100 10€
1257 VOMITOR The Escalation CD 100 10€
739 VOMITOR Bleeding The Priest CD 80 8€
740 VORKREIST Sabbathical Flesh Possession CD Death/Black Metal from France. Brutal mayhem and crushing darkness, similarities to early Angelcorpse and early Belphegor. 80 8€
741 VORKUTA Into The Chasms Of Lunacy CD Hungarian Black Metal in the old way of dark brutality. This band has previous this album only released alot of obscure demos and ep.s, this is their first fullength released in 2007. 80 8€
1258 VORUM Poisoned Void CD digi 100 10€
1286 VRPI Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni CD Mexican Death Metal, totally gruesome, satanic deathworshipping. New band by members also found in great acts like Necroccultus and Ominous Crucifix. 100 10€
1323 VULTOS VOCIFEROS Ao Eterno Abismo CD Fast and blasphemous Black Metal from Brazil. 80 8€
1044 XASTHUR Nocturnal Poisoning CD Black Metal of utterly cold and shivering agony. The bands first album, released in 2002. For fans of early Burzum, Krohm, Drowning The Light etc. 100 10€
746 ZARATHUSTRA Contempt mcd 50 5€
747 ZAVORASH In Odium Veritas 1996-2002 CD 80 8€
1290 ZEALOTRY The Charnel Expanse CD American Death Metal with influences from skillfull bands like Demilich, The Chasm and Morbid Angel. 80 8€
1188 ZEMIAL Nykta CD 100 10€