GUTWOUND by ENVIG - 10 sep 2021

The second album by Swedish death metallers ENVIG has just been released on CD via Cryptorium Records. The new album called Gutwound feature thirteen new gut ripping tracks of Swedish Death/Crust mayhem like The Soul And The Barbed Wire, Ben För Ben, Zealot, Ode To The Misanthrope and more.
The album was recorded in Nordic Soundlab and Soundport Studio, mastered by Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane, Defleshed, Lik, Baest, Firespawn etc.) and the album cover was made by William Persson Öberg of the band Creeping Flesh.
The CD is released as a high quality 6-panel digipack including the bonus CD Stockholms Blodbad - Live at Copperfields, recorded live in 2019.
A cassette and vinyl version of the album will be available later.
For more info and regular updates visit


The highly anticipated new album "Gutwound" by Swedish death metallers ENVIG will be released on the 10th of September.
It´ll be released as a limited digipack CD including a bonus disc featuring the live recording "Stockholms Blodbad", live at Copperfields 2019. Expect a massive monster of Swedish death metal in the form of musical machinegun barrage to shred your guts.
LP (splatter vinyl) and Cassette will come later.

OUT NOW !!! - 1 aug 2021

The self titled debut album by Swedish black metallers PRYGLA is out now on CD.
The album features eight tracks of the purest form of black.
Check them out here:

NEW TRACK BY ENVIG - 10 jul 2021

Swedish Death Metallers ENVIG have just premiered the second single named ‘Zealot´ from their upcoming second album “Gutwound” wich will be released on CD and Cassette via Cryptorium Records later this summer. The vinyl LP version will follow later this year. The new track “Zealot” and the previously released single “A Swamp Of Human Waste” from the upcoming album can be found here: Also available on Youtube, iTunes and Spotify. For further ENVIG information and regular updates visit


Cryptorium will be releasing the debut album by rather obscure black metal band PRYGLA. The self titled album will be released on the 1st of August and feature 8 tracks of Swedish black metal devoted to death and disgusting filth of existence.
More info will come.

Also, the second album by Swedish death metallers ENVIG are in the final process and will hopefully see the light of day by the end of summer. Expect some gutwrenching hymns of the utterly horrors of war.
More info will come.

ONE DAY IN PAIN - 18 okt 2020

On Friday the 23rd of October, the debut album "Imperial Fires" by ONE DAY IN PAIN will be released.
One Day In Pain is a solo project by Nicke Olsson(ex.Leprosy, Putrid Vision, Bloodgut...)
“Imperial Fires” is a 10 track monster of solid oldschool death metal for
fans of early Death, early S.F.U., Desecrator, Grave and Massacre.
Gruesome session vocals by Rogga Johansson of Paganizer, Putrevore...)
and 10 different guest lead guitarists of bands such as Bleeding Utopia,
Wombbath, Darkane, Leprosy, Chainsaw, Loch Vostok and more.
The album Imperial FIres is total oldschool death metal supreme!


The Swedish Death/Black Metal band In Aeternum had it´s third album “Nuclear Armageddon” released in 2003. The album did not only present a new lineup (former and current members of Setherial, Sorghegard, Funeral Mist etc.) but also a more brutal and intense aproach in the genre.
Unfortunately the album was also stricken by a few mistakes like skips on some of the tracks and a couple of tracks was omitted only to end up on an Ep. a while later. These flaws made guitarist, vocalist and founding member David “Impious” Larsson angry for 17 years, until now.
After an agreement with David Larsson, Cryptorium Records are now to be re-releasing the album as originally intended. That means no skips in the tracks, extended tracklist with the previously omitted songs “Beast Of The Pentagram”, Satanic Lust (Sarcofago) and a hidden bonus track, new artwork and cover. The booklet will also include lots of never before seen photos and linernotes by David “Impious” Larsson explaining the full story of both the album and two rough yet intense live recordings made in 2001 and 2002, included on a bonus disc.
Turn up the volume for NUCLEAR ARMAGEDDON!


The fullength album "The Antagonist" by TEODOLIT is now released on Digipack CD. The album feature 9 tracks of intense and violent thrashing Death Metal for all fans of Sadus, early Massacra, Necrodeath, Vader.

TEODOLIT - 1 jan 2020

Some time ago Cryptorium Records approached the Russian band Teodolit to have their brilliant debut album, previously only available as digital download, released on CD.
We came to an agreement and very very soon the album “The Antagonist” will be released through Cryptorium Records.
To all who appreciate dark, intensely hateful, fast and skillfull death metal we urge to check out this band and their fullength “The Antagonist. This is for fans of Sadus, Vader, Massacra, Cancer, Solstice(US) and similar.
Release date will come soon!

KOMMANDANT & FEVER - 12 maj 2019

New split 7" available now!


The vinyl version of ”By Human Hands” by ENVIG is out.
200 copies of red vinyl including lyric sheet and poster.
300 copies of black vinyl including lyric sheet and poster.


The debut fullength album "By Human Hands" by Envig is now officially released through Cryptoium Records.
CD version is now available. 11 tracks of heavy war pounding death metal.
LP version will be available by the end of summer.

ENVIG - BY HUMAN HANDS - 23 maj 2018

Cryptorium Records are proud to announce 01.06.2018 as the release date of the heavy as f**k and crushing debut fullength album “By Human Hands” by Envig.
It´ll be released on CD, featuring 11 tracks of pounding Death Metal with injections of D-beat fury.
The band will perform and celebrate the release on Saturday the 2nd of June at Copperfields, Stockholm.
It´ll be a night of relentless musical warfare and the new album will be available for purchase.
Vinyl version in 2 different colours will be released late summer.

ENVIG - WARMACHINE - 18 aug 2017

The “Warmachine” that is Envig has been released. The crushing debut Ep. featuring 7 tracks including a cover of Warcollapse. Have a listen to the track “Embrace Death” at
Order your copy by sending an email to:

NEW RELEASE! - 5 aug 2017

Cryptorium Records will release the debut Ep. “Warmachine” on CD, by the Swedish Death Metal band ENVIG. “Warmachine” is a 7 track, including a cover of Warcollapse, panzercrushing piece of death metal with a touch of unrelenting punk. Like a melting-pot of Bolt Thrower and Driller Killer, Envig has in their own style forged a sinister musical weapon. Release date to be announced soon.

SALE !!!!!! - 1 mar 2017

We are now putting alot of overstock records on Sale for 1 Euro each as we need to make more room for new incoming releases. Check out the Sale category under Inventory.

LEPROSY - Death To This World - 31 jan 2017

The compilation CD “Death To This World” from old Swedish Death / Thrash Metallers LEPROSY is RELEASED! It features all material the band ever recorded ("Death To This World" - Demo "88, "Full Of Hate" - Demo "90 and "Live In Basement" - Reh. Demo "90), a total of 17 tracks as well as a bonus DVD featuring 2 gigs from 1988 and 1989 in Bamberg and Ludwigsburg, Germany. The release is available as a digipack CD and includes a 24 pages booklet with old photos, info and liner-notes.
The album is available for 14 Euro (19.5 Euro including shipping worldwide)
Inom Sverige, 140 kr. (156 kr. Inkl. Frakt.)

LEPROSY - 21 sep 2015

The vinyl version of "Death To This World" by legendary Leprosy have recently been released by To The Death Records. We have received a couple of vinyls and nothing else can be said other than - this is an utterly gruesome piece of vinyl that must be in the hands of every decent metalworshipper! For the first time ever on vinyl; the gripping "Death To This World" demo ´88 and the previously unreleased and masterly "Full Of Hate" demo´90. A total of 13 tracks of fierce Swedish oldschool Death/Thrash Metal. The vinyl is strictly limited to 300 copies so act fast and order your copy from To The Death Records.
The CD version is still being worked on and will be released later this year through Cryptorium Records.

INVENTORY UPDATES! - 18 nov 2014

Loads of new brutal Death, Black and Thrash albums have been added to the inventory list.

LEPROSY ! - 11 okt 2014

One of Sweden´s best kept secrets of the early Thrash/Death Metal genre – Leprosy - will be brought to a wider audience by the release of a record featuring their two legendary demotapes from ´88 and ´90.

The band Leprosy was formed in the 80´s and immediately made a great impact in the scene with their first demo “Death To This World” – a furious thrashing mayhem with awesome leads and brutal vocals. Leprosy was a low profile band who kept to themselves in the Swedish metal community. They only made a handful of gigs, mostly in Germany where they opened for bands such as Sodom, Pestilence, Rostok Vampires and Coroner. Their second demo “Full Of Hate” was never officially released and only spread to a few lucky bastards in 1990. Soon thereafter the band split up and for many years people kept talking about the “Death To This World”-demo despite the fact that no-one really knew who Leprosy was.

Cryptorium Records together with To The Death Records are currently working with members from Leprosy on a forthcoming release compiling the band´s demos on a record for the first time. The CD version will be released by Cryptorium Records and the vinyl version will be released by To The Death Records, both in a limited quantity.

No certain date of release yet, more info soon!

INVENTORY UPDATES! - 14 jun 2014

The inventory has been updated with new titles and many new titles will be frequently updated in the inventory section for the weeks to come.

INVENTORY! - 8 nov 2013

The Inventory section is back to normal and orders can be taken as normal.
Some updates have been made, new records have been added and more to come.
All hail the glorious satanic vomit!

INVENTORY! - 1 nov 2013

The Inventory section will undergo some serious updates and re-arrangements. We still take orders but the lists of inventory may be a bit unorganized for a while. All will be back to normal as soon as possible.

Inventory updates! - 14 jul 2013

We´ve made some updates in the inventory section with some new records and T-shirts.
Also, we now have MEGA SLAUGHTER T-shirts. Take a look at Shirts, Zines & Misc. under the Inventory section.

Orders, questions & latest releases - 18 jun 2013

We are getting LOTS of email regarding orders and all kind of questions. We ask for everybodys patience and will try to answer every email we get as soon as we can.
Although we try not to miss out on any email it may happen and we do apologize. If you havn´t heard from us within 3 days, don´t hesitate and send us another email.

Regarding the Mega Slaughter CD-box and the Nominon/Kommandant split-7" we still have them both in stock and they´re still available.

MEGA SLAUGHTER - 29 mar 2013

The massive MEGA SLAUGHTER box including the Calls From The Beyond album and all the bands demos is now officially released.
This is a release for all those who appreciate true genuine Swedish oldschool Death Metal. The box includes a 2 CD digipack with the bands legendary fullength album originally released in 1991 on one CD and all the demos on the other. Also a 44 page booklet full of pictures, flyers, never before seen photos and the bands entire story, spanning between 1987 and 1992. The box also include a patch and a small poster of the new cover that was made by Joe Petagno(Motörhead, Nominon, Angelcorpse etc.), based on the original album cover.

MEGA SLAUGHTER - 21 mar 2013

We will unleash a long awaited classic gem of Swedish Death Metal on Good Friday(the day when Jesus slowly DIED on the cross) the 29th of March.
On the day of death by the bastard son of God, the birth of a hellish beast will come. And the name of the beast is Mega Slaughter.

MEGA SLAUGHTER - 1 feb 2013

Many might be wondering what is going on with the Mega Slaughter release. We can assure you it will be released. Many different things and some very unlikely sort of events has caused its delay over and over again, very much to our frustration. What has been dragging out the time lately, that we also did´nt want to make official until things were sorted out, is that other labels(or assholes saying they represent labels) claimed to have the rights for the album and wanted to stop us from releasing it. All this has proven to be nothing but lies from their side. We have had the permission from the members of the band the whole time. We have worked closely together with some of the bandmembers during the whole process so that they could have their input aswell for the best possible release(Sorry Jens, we just could´nt find you in time). There has also been some minor misunderstandings from serious labels that they got the permission to release the material. This has also been sorted out and we have no hard feelings towards these labels. As of now the release is at the hands of the pressing plant. Unfortunately we can not set a release date just yet. The Mega Slaughter release will come out and it will be massive!
In other news we can also inform that we are working on our next release. We will re-release some extremely hard to find material from one of Swedens most obscure early Thrash/Death Metal bands from the late 80s early 90s. If you have the book “Swedish Death Metal” by Daniel Ekeroth, see page nr. 383 to get a clue, that´s all the info you get for now.

MEGA SLAUGHTER - 19 jul 2012

Regarding the upcoming and very much delayed Mega Slaughter re-release. There has been major fuck ups with the templates for the cover over and over again. The printing company also wanted to make the booklet with thinner paper than usual just to make it all fit. But we did´nt want to cut down on quality so we tried to work out a solution and now we have finally made it. The final product is now about to be sent off for printing.
Many many people have been writing us, asking for the album and it´s release. We are saving every single email address to all you people that wrote us and you can be sure we´re gonna let you all know when the time has come, when this manifestation of death, by the name of Mega Slaughter is available. Thanks for your massive support and interest of this Mega Slaughter release.

KOMMANDANT / NOMINON - 14 jun 2012

The problems concerning the covers for the KOMMANDANT / NOMINON Split has been solved. New covers have arrived and this evil piece of vinyl is now unleashed!
This release is a poisoned dagger in the face of mankind as Kommandant present one of their relentless weapon, specially for this release, by the name of "Absence Of Light", this to back up their new fullength album "The Draconian Archetype", released by Aeternus Tenebrarum Music Foundation. NOMINON flank up Kommandant on this piece of vinyl by paying homage to Impaled Nazarene and cover their song "Human-Proof", a violent version by Nominon. This shows that their upcoming album "The Cleansing", released by Deathgasm Records, is to be something evil.

KOMMANDANT / NOMINON - 24 apr 2012

If something can go wrong it does go wrong. We have recieved the Kommandant/Nominon 7"s but something has gone horribly wrong with the covers. They´re completely fucked up and as things have to be sorted out with the printing company to make new covers, the release will obviously be delayed ´til further notice.


The 25th of April is set to be the release date for the new 7”-split by KOMMANDANT(US) and NOMINON(swe).
Any day now, the new fullength album “The Draconian Archetype” by KOMMANDANT will be released by Aeternus Tenebrarum Music Foundation. And to back this up they also present the new song “Absence Of Light”, not featured on the album, on this 7”-split. “Absence Of Light” contain the sharp edge sound and furious intensity that can be found on their previous releases but also the dark development that can be heard on their coming fullength. By KOMMANDANTs strict request of whom to stand by their side during this specifically charge of maneuver, the other half on this piece of vinyl features the death platoon NOMINON. For this release NOMINON decided it would fit perfectly to record a violent cover of “Human-Proof” by Impaled Nazarene. NOMINONs version of “Human-Proof” brings nuclear mayhem and speed to the battlefield, a violent teaser ´til their 5th fullenght album that is being recorded at this very moment.

MEGA SLAUGHTER - 2 jan 2012

The upcoming re-release of the classic Mega Slaughter album "Calls From The Beyond" will be delayed! Cryptorium Records want to inform that the album was just about to go on printing when suddenly some forgotten pictures and new material from the old days were found. This new found material was considered too important not to be featured in the booklet of the album whereas the release was immediately brought back to be reworked. The booklet will now feature over 40 pages of material from the band. As the booklet will contain more than 40 pages it can no longer fit into a normal jewel case, therefore the work including layout are also being done to make the release a double digipack able to fit the massive booklet. If everything goes well, the album will hopefully be out February or March, further info about a release date will be posted when the time comes.

NEW RELEASES! - 23 jun 2011


Awhile ago the militant US warmachine KOMMANDANT and the Swedish deathfuckers of disgust NOMINON decided to join forces for a relentless attack by violent force and hate to all that is nice and loving humanity by sharing the space on an 7” vinyl that´ll be released by Cryptorium Records.
KOMMANDANT featuring members that used to spread violent disease through renowned acts like Incestuous, Contagion/Funereal, Krieg, Nachtmystium, Cianide and more, will contribute with a new song called “Absence Of Light”, spawned by the same intensity of blitzkrieg mayhem that fulfilled their debut album “Stormlegion” and Ep. “Kontakt” released awhile ago.
NOMINON will contribute to this split release by covering Impaled Nazarene. They´ve taken one of Impaled´s “newer” songs, “Human Proof” from the album “Nihil”, transformed it into the style of Nominon but still kept the special tension of insanity that Impaled Nazarene originally put into the song.
Some work as covers and some other minor stuff is still to be made, further news will come in the near future of the exact date of release.


Cryptorium Records will be re-releasing the classic album “Calls From The Beyond”, originally released by Thrash Records in 1991 on vinyl only, by the Swedish death metal band Megaslaughter. This release will be the first proper re-release of the album with great soundquality and a bonus CD featuring all the demos as Negative Bitch demo´89, Death Remains demo´90, Demo ´91 and 2 never before released reh. songs made in the end of ´91. With contribution by the former members the booklet will be full of never before seen photos, flyers and gigposters spanning the period between 1988 ´til 1992. A new cover artwork has been provided by renowned artist Joe Petagno(Marduk, Angelcorpse, Motörhead, Diabolic etc.), the new cover is based on the original artwork and also feature the bands real logo. When the album was first released in 1991 the frontcover was made without the bands control and has become known as one of the most sloppy made covers in the history of death metal, it did´nt even feature the bands own logo, the artist just made up a logo for the band and painted it on the cover. The original cover will be featured in the booklet just as the covers for all the demos but for this re-release and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album as one of the best and obscure albums of early Swedish death metal we thought it was time to give the album a proper cover artwork. Some minor work is still being made with the layout, further news will come of the exact date of release etc.

Things Are Moving! - 8 feb 2011

This new site has been up and running for a while now and things are getting together as time goes. The Inventory is also shaping up slowly but well. New records and items for sale will be added every now and then. When new stuff is added in the Inventory it will not be announced in the News section. People will simply have to check in and have a glimpse for themselves to see if there´s anything new that may interest them.
Furthermore, a couple of releases are planned and are also being worked on at the moment. More information about those releases and release dates will be announced very soon.

New site!! - 16 jan 2011

The new site is up and running!!

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