The debut fullength album "By Human Hands" by Envig is now officially released through Cryptoium Records.
CD version is now available. 11 tracks of heavy war pounding death metal.
LP version will be available by the end of summer.

ENVIG - BY HUMAN HANDS - 23 maj 2018

Cryptorium Records are proud to announce 01.06.2018 as the release date of the heavy as f**k and crushing debut fullength album “By Human Hands” by Envig.
It´ll be released on CD, featuring 11 tracks of pounding Death Metal with injections of D-beat fury.
The band will perform and celebrate the release on Saturday the 2nd of June at Copperfields, Stockholm.
It´ll be a night of relentless musical warfare and the new album will be available for purchase.
Vinyl version in 2 different colours will be released late summer.

ENVIG - WARMACHINE - 18 aug 2017

The “Warmachine” that is Envig has been released. The crushing debut Ep. featuring 7 tracks including a cover of Warcollapse. Have a listen to the track “Embrace Death” at
Order your copy by sending an email to:

NEW RELEASE! - 5 aug 2017

Cryptorium Records will release the debut Ep. “Warmachine” on CD, by the Swedish Death Metal band ENVIG. “Warmachine” is a 7 track, including a cover of Warcollapse, panzercrushing piece of death metal with a touch of unrelenting punk. Like a melting-pot of Bolt Thrower and Driller Killer, Envig has in their own style forged a sinister musical weapon. Release date to be announced soon.

SALE !!!!!! - 1 mar 2017

We are now putting alot of overstock records on Sale for 1 Euro each as we need to make more room for new incoming releases. Check out the Sale category under Inventory.

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