NEW TRACK BY ENVIG - 10 jul 2021

Swedish Death Metallers ENVIG have just premiered the second single named ‘Zealot´ from their upcoming second album “Gutwound” wich will be released on CD and Cassette via Cryptorium Records later this summer. The vinyl LP version will follow later this year. The new track “Zealot” and the previously released single “A Swamp Of Human Waste” from the upcoming album can be found here: Also available on Youtube, iTunes and Spotify. For further ENVIG information and regular updates visit


Cryptorium will be releasing the debut album by rather obscure black metal band PRYGLA. The self titled album will be released on the 1st of August and feature 8 tracks of Swedish black metal devoted to death and disgusting filth of existence.
More info will come.

Also, the second album by Swedish death metallers ENVIG are in the final process and will hopefully see the light of day by the end of summer. Expect some gutwrenching hymns of the utterly horrors of war.
More info will come.

ONE DAY IN PAIN - 18 okt 2020

On Friday the 23rd of October, the debut album "Imperial Fires" by ONE DAY IN PAIN will be released.
One Day In Pain is a solo project by Nicke Olsson(ex.Leprosy, Putrid Vision, Bloodgut...)
“Imperial Fires” is a 10 track monster of solid oldschool death metal for
fans of early Death, early S.F.U., Desecrator, Grave and Massacre.
Gruesome session vocals by Rogga Johansson of Paganizer, Putrevore...)
and 10 different guest lead guitarists of bands such as Bleeding Utopia,
Wombbath, Darkane, Leprosy, Chainsaw, Loch Vostok and more.
The album Imperial FIres is total oldschool death metal supreme!


The Swedish Death/Black Metal band In Aeternum had it´s third album “Nuclear Armageddon” released in 2003. The album did not only present a new lineup (former and current members of Setherial, Sorghegard, Funeral Mist etc.) but also a more brutal and intense aproach in the genre.
Unfortunately the album was also stricken by a few mistakes like skips on some of the tracks and a couple of tracks was omitted only to end up on an Ep. a while later. These flaws made guitarist, vocalist and founding member David “Impious” Larsson angry for 17 years, until now.
After an agreement with David Larsson, Cryptorium Records are now to be re-releasing the album as originally intended. That means no skips in the tracks, extended tracklist with the previously omitted songs “Beast Of The Pentagram”, Satanic Lust (Sarcofago) and a hidden bonus track, new artwork and cover. The booklet will also include lots of never before seen photos and linernotes by David “Impious” Larsson explaining the full story of both the album and two rough yet intense live recordings made in 2001 and 2002, included on a bonus disc.
Turn up the volume for NUCLEAR ARMAGEDDON!


The fullength album "The Antagonist" by TEODOLIT is now released on Digipack CD. The album feature 9 tracks of intense and violent thrashing Death Metal for all fans of Sadus, early Massacra, Necrodeath, Vader.

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