SALE !!!!!! - 1 mar 2017

We are now putting alot of overstock records on Sale for 1 Euro each as we need to make more room for new incoming releases. Check out the Sale category under Inventory.

LEPROSY - Death To This World - 31 jan 2017

The compilation CD “Death To This World” from old Swedish Death / Thrash Metallers LEPROSY is RELEASED! It features all material the band ever recorded ("Death To This World" - Demo "88, "Full Of Hate" - Demo "90 and "Live In Basement" - Reh. Demo "90), a total of 17 tracks as well as a bonus DVD featuring 2 gigs from 1988 and 1989 in Bamberg and Ludwigsburg, Germany. The release is available as a digipack CD and includes a 24 pages booklet with old photos, info and liner-notes.
The album is available for 14 Euro (19.5 Euro including shipping worldwide)
Inom Sverige, 140 kr. (156 kr. Inkl. Frakt.)

LEPROSY - 21 sep 2015

The vinyl version of "Death To This World" by legendary Leprosy have recently been released by To The Death Records. We have received a couple of vinyls and nothing else can be said other than - this is an utterly gruesome piece of vinyl that must be in the hands of every decent metalworshipper! For the first time ever on vinyl; the gripping "Death To This World" demo ´88 and the previously unreleased and masterly "Full Of Hate" demo´90. A total of 13 tracks of fierce Swedish oldschool Death/Thrash Metal. The vinyl is strictly limited to 300 copies so act fast and order your copy from To The Death Records.
The CD version is still being worked on and will be released later this year through Cryptorium Records.

INVENTORY UPDATES! - 18 nov 2014

Loads of new brutal Death, Black and Thrash albums have been added to the inventory list.

LEPROSY ! - 11 okt 2014

One of Sweden´s best kept secrets of the early Thrash/Death Metal genre – Leprosy - will be brought to a wider audience by the release of a record featuring their two legendary demotapes from ´88 and ´90.

The band Leprosy was formed in the 80´s and immediately made a great impact in the scene with their first demo “Death To This World” – a furious thrashing mayhem with awesome leads and brutal vocals. Leprosy was a low profile band who kept to themselves in the Swedish metal community. They only made a handful of gigs, mostly in Germany where they opened for bands such as Sodom, Pestilence, Rostok Vampires and Coroner. Their second demo “Full Of Hate” was never officially released and only spread to a few lucky bastards in 1990. Soon thereafter the band split up and for many years people kept talking about the “Death To This World”-demo despite the fact that no-one really knew who Leprosy was.

Cryptorium Records together with To The Death Records are currently working with members from Leprosy on a forthcoming release compiling the band´s demos on a record for the first time. The CD version will be released by Cryptorium Records and the vinyl version will be released by To The Death Records, both in a limited quantity.

No certain date of release yet, more info soon!

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